40 New Stations Transition to Digital

NAB announced that 40 more stations are broadcasting in digital, raising the total to 575 stations. They are:

WCLF-TV Tampa, Fla. (Network-owned independent)
WPXB-TV Boston (NBC-owned independent)
WACX-TV Orlando, Fla. (Singly-owned independent)
KCTV-TV Kansas City, Mo. (CBS)
WLVI-TV Boston (WB)
KEYC-TV Mankato, Minn. (CBS)
WIBW-TV Topeka, Kan. (CBS)
WNDY-TV Indianapolis (UPN)
WTTV-TV Indianapolis (WB)
WVTM-TV Birmingham, Ala. (NBC O&O)
WCTX-TV Hartford, Conn. (UPN)
WZTV-TV Nashville, Tenn. (Fox)
WUXP-TV Nashville, Tenn. (UPN)
WNAB-TV Nashville, Tenn. (WB)
WHTN-TV Nashville, Tenn. (Christian Television Network-owned independent)
WAPT-TV Jackson, Miss. (ABC)
KUVS-TV Sacramento, Calif. (Univision O&O)
KMAX-TV Sacramento, Calif. (UPN)
KDTV-TV San Francisco (Univision O&O)
WCBI-TV Columbus, Miss. (CBS)
WFPX-TV Fayetteville, N.C. (Paxson O&O)
WPXU-TV Jacksonville, N.C. (Paxson O&O)
KOKI-TV Tulsa, Okla. (Fox)
WPSG-TV Philadelphia (UPN)
WPHL-TV Philadelphia (WB)
KCBD-TV Lubbock, Texas ( NBC)
KSTR-TV Dallas (Univision-owned Telefutura)
WTVC-TV Chatanooga, Tenn. (ABC)
WBBH-TV Ft. Myers, Fla. (NBC)
WZVN-TV Ft. Myers, Fla. (ABC)
KSAS-TV Wichita, Kan. (Fox)
WRLH-TV Richmond, Va. (Fox)
WRIC-TV Richmond, Va. (ABC)
WDSU-TV New Orleans (NBC)
KSBW-TV Monterey, Calif. (NBC)
KHQ-TV Spokane, Wash. (NBC)
KNDO-TV Yakima, Wash. (NBC)
KNDU-TV Yakima, Wash. (NBC)
KGEB-TV Tulsa, Okla. (singly-owned independent)
WTVK-TV Ft. Myers, Fla. (WB)

DTV signals are now being transmitted in 158 markets that include 92.66 percent of U.S.
TV households. In addition, 46 percent of U.S. TV households are in markets where
broadcasters are delivering four or more DTV signals, according to the NAB