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3DTV May Cause Divorce ... or Just Bizarre Press Releases

OVERPELT, BELGIUM: The hype surrounding 3DTV is already stuff of pop culture folklore and therefore rife with self-proclaimed experts seeking a little ambient limelight. And so amid the histrionics emerges Mister Otto Tromm, “leading screen authority and founder of,” who is advising women to say “no” to 3DTV in order to preserve domestic bliss.

“Home entertainment is already a man’s domain,” says our Mister Tromm. “Look at any typical household and see who controls the remote. It is invariably the man, and this can only get worse with 3D. Not only will there be arguments over what to watch, but also who lost the special 3D glasses and who gets to sit in the ‘sweet spot’ where the 3D effect is best.”

Mister Tromm generously offered up the following tips on why women should say “no” to 3DTV, “because otherwise....
“You’ll be looking for his 3D glasses, instead of just his remote.
“There’s another reason for him to pretend he didn’t hear you.
“3D sets have a sweet spot, so guess what you’ll be fighting save yourself the arguments and just say ‘no’ right now.”
He also provided the depicted handy graphic to keep these points in mind. 

The good Mister Tromm is on par with Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser, a fraudulent yo-yo champion who conned his way onto five Midwestern TV stations. E.g., either they’re both serious and don’t know they’re funny, or they’re both punking people. We suspect it’s the latter with Mister Tromm, who claims to be “in a steady relationship with two kids” and no 3DTV at home.
-- Deborah D. McAdams, who controls the remote