2009 biennial broadcast ownership data available online, says Media Bureau

The FCC Media Bureau released what it describes as the first in a series of biennial snapshots of broadcast ownership data Feb. 23.

The ownership data was submitted to the commission in response to its 2009 biennial ownership filing requirement and reflects ownership interests as of Nov. 1, 2009.

In May 2009, the commission issued an order aimed at improving ownership data collection related to diversity. A new form, FCC Form 323 used for the ownership filing, expanded the class of stations required to file every two years to include all full power commercial stations, all LPTV stations and Class A stations. The FCC also eliminated certain exemptions from the filing requirement.

According to the Media Bureau, the 2009 biennial reporting data is incomplete. Not all licensees and those with attributable interest in stations filed because the requirements were new and have been extended to stations previously exempt.

Data files for the 2009 biennial filing are available on the Media Bureau's Form 323 website.