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The revolution in broadcast technologies has brought extraordinary challenges to production, operations and management professionals. Broadcast Engineering has compiled a list of various informational videos to help you meet these challenges.

Our Video Resource Center is a mix of training, informational and broadcast specific videos from professionals and companies in the industry.

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University of Arizona professor looks at JPEG 2000

University of Arizona’s professor Mike Marcellin has spent years helping develop JPEG2000. He reviews some of its benefits.

MPEG Tutorial

Overview of MPEG compression with an explanation of quantization, GOP structure, I frames, P frames and B frames. From

A glimpse into the future of mobile DTV

Dave Arland of the Open Mobile Video Coalition showcases new technologies and gadgets that will bring digital television to consumers' mobile devices. (2011)

Bruce's Shorts: The secrets of metadata

Bruce Devlin, CTO of AmberFin, looks at the importance of metadata and its value in supporting downstream workflows.

SNIA Tutorial: Cloud Archive and Long Term Preservation Challenges and Best Practices

This technical session will address the questions of how companies can successfully utilize the cloud for archiving and long-term data preservation.

Using Waveform Monitors as Artistic Tools in Color Grading

Improve your color correction skills by learning how to use the simple, visually intuitive Tektronix waveform displays.

The Art of Color Grading with Scopes

Color grading is an intricate and complex process. The human visual system constantly adjusts to the surroundings, making it tricky to know what colors you are truly looking at. T&M can improve the process.

Using HEVC for Ultra HD encoding

HEVC: Hype, or will it change our industry? Will this be the harbinger of Ultra HD? Paul Haskell, Harmonic's VP of R&D, lets us know where he stands.

NAB in Review

See these key interviews from the 2013 NAB show floor.

Unleashing TV spectrum part 1 - FCC broadcast spectrum incentive auction

William Lake, Chief of the Federal Communications Commission Media Bureau, describes the proposed Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auction process.

Unleashing TV spectrum part 2 - FCC broadcast spectrum incentive auction

A panel discussion on what the auction means for buyers and sellers. Panel participants include Rebecca Hanson of the FCC, Rick Kaplan of the NAB and Chris Guttman-McCabe of the CTIA.

Unleashing TV spectrum part 3 - FCC broadcast spectrum incentive auction

Daniel Hays, PwC Entertainment, Media, and Communications Principal; and Gordon Castle, PwC Entertainment, Media, and Communications Director, discuss business implications for the spectrum auction.

Olympics to be broadcast in Ultra HDTV

A behind-the-scenes review of the equipment used to produce the London Olympics in Ultra HD.

Switches, and routers, and hubs! Oh my!

Trainer Keith Barker walks viewers through the difference between hubs, switches and routers.

Tech Talk: High Efficiency Video Coding

Jacob Ström, Ericsson Research, explains HEVC as the technology that will replace today’s MPEG. Also called H.265, HEVC can cut the video bit rate in half, while maintaining the same quality.

Advanced Workflow Tutorial by Stan Moote from Harris Broadcast

Stan Moote provides a clear and easy-to-follow overview of the typical broadcast workflow, showing how various levels in the decision-making process are interconnected.

StorageDNA: What is DNA Evolution and what challenges does it solve?

LTO LTFS Archiving: DNA Evolution is an intelligent LTO LTFS workflow system designed to help media professionals streamline their file-based workflows.

Improving data integrity in digital cinema photography

This paper by Patrick Renner, Pomfort, proposes an XML-based Media Hash List (MHL) format containing all the necessary information needed to detect possible errors during file copy and transfer.

Introduction to TCP/IP

A tutorial on the basics of TCP/IP protocols and how to manage them in a facility.

TCP/IP and subnet masking

Students learn about the components and concepts in a TCP/IP network.

Panasonic AG-HPX600 Lightweight 2/3 P2 HD Camcorder with AVC-Intra Recording

Panasonic sales manager Alan Cherne reviews the Panasonic AG-HPX600 2/3 HD Camcorder.

Panasonic HPX600 Review

Panasonic reviews its AG-HPX600 camera.

Panasonic HPX600 Options EP 38

A review of the Panasonic AG-HPX600, including the wireless module, the HD-SDI input board and the video encode board.

Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless System - Review

Ron Simonson of CCI Solutions reviews the Shure ULX-D digital wireless system.

Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless System End of Summer Tent Event 2012

ATC Audio discusses the Shure ULX-D wireless microphone system.

Workflow management

What is workflow management? Watch this short animation and find out.

Big Ideas: Demystifying Software Defined Storage for Extensible Data Services

In the software-defined era, increasing functionality and intelligence related to compute, storage, network and security is moving away from the physical layer up to the software layer.

Adaptive bit rate streaming (ABR)

This presentation explains the basics of adaptive bit rate streaming (ABR) and its use in delivering video.