TrendWatch: Plasma display investments slowing down

Overall demand for plasma screens dropped three percent in 2005, according to the market research firm
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According to research firm TrendWatch’s Visual Effects/Dynamic Media Report #5, the market for plasma screens appears to have peaked last year.

The company reports 13 percent of U.S. studios/facilities plan to buy one or more plasma displays in 2005 – down from 16 percent a year ago. More specifically, the 41in to 50in plasma screen range is a microcosm for this decline. Last year, nine percent of studios said they planned to purchase one or more of this size of plasma. This year, five percent reported they plan to purchase 41in to 50in screens.

Plasma screens smaller than 40in came in at five percent in this year’s study. Post production studios and animation/FX studios have shown above-average demand; 17 percent plan to buy plasma displays in 2005. Within that group, studios with 20 to 49 employees showed greater interest in plasmas as 38 percent said they plan to buy plasmas this year.

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