Texas accuses Sony BMG of deceptive practices for spyware

The attorney general of Texas said last week that he has added a new claim to a lawsuit against Sony BMG Music Entertainment, accusing it of violating the state’s laws on deceptive trade practices by hiding spyware on its CDs.

Attorney General Greg Abbott initially filed the suit in November charging that the record company had violated Texas anti-spyware laws by embedding software in CDs and media players that monitors user habits.

The new charges, Reuters reported, contends that the MediaMax software used by Sony BMG to block copying of music on CDs violated state laws because it was downloaded even if users rejected a license agreement.

Abbott said in a statement that his office continues to find additional methods Sony used to deceive Texas consumers who thought they were simply buying music.

Sony BMG has denied the MediaMax software was hidden and said it does not collect the personal information that spyware typically does. The record company said it has recalled the CDs, which feature music from popular artists.

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