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Tampa airport deploys wireless signage network

At Tampa International Airport, HMS Host has deployed a wireless media player to power an LCD screen in its concession. Networked via the airport’s recent upgrade to a wireless WAN or Wi-Fi system, the screen offers travelers access to local news, weather, travel information and product promotions, with information updated on a nearly real-time basis using RSS news feeds.

The Internet-based digital signage is provided by Retail Media Group (RMG), which has agreed to support signage for HMS Host’s concession properties at 10 or more U.S. airports. The solution uses a Digital View RemotePlayer3 media player connected to the remote media management program, RemoteTransfer, which enables the system administrator for Tampa’s airport to change digital signage images, update playlists, control timing and manipulate files from any location, using a Web-based interface. The network is hosted by Digital View, while RMG produces and schedules the system’s programming. Digital View is provides digital media networks and display technologies.

HMS Host is the first Tampa airport tenant to use the facility’s Wi-Fi capabilities for commercial and informational purposes, with more expected as the airport completes its installation of a wireless network serving the entire facility by the end of this year. RMG plans to install similar hard-wired digital media players at HMS Host concessions at other airports across the nation.

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