Systems integrators rank broadcast technology vendors for innovation

This is the first in a series of posts examining how a global sample of more than 325 systems integrators who participated in the 2009 Big Broadcast Survey ranked broadcast technology vendors in a variety of measures.

The product side of the film and broadcast industry is driven by technology and innovation. All vendors strive to create techniques that will make their products stand out from the competition; thus, innovation is a very important component of the brand image and reputation of vendors in this space.

In previous posts, I have looked how the global sample of BBS respondents ranked broadcast technology vendors for innovation. I have also looked at how broadcasters of different sizes rank vendors for innovation.

This post looks at the opinions of a different, but very influential, type of broadcast technology buyer: systems integrators. In an era when many broadcasters are shedding technology positions, systems integrators have become an extremely important part of the technology value chain. Broadcasters now routinely outsource their project work to systems integrators, who are called in for their expertise and experience, so the relationship that vendors have with their systems integrator partners is very important to their business.

So how do systems integrators rank broadcast technology vendors for innovation?

The chart shows the responses from more than 325 systems integrators. It is broken out by geography to show the responses of the global sample of systems integrators as well as the responses of systems integrators in EMEA and the Americas. Due to a small sample size, rankings for Asia-Pacific have not been included. For the sake of comparison, I have also included in this chart the rankings of all respondents (regardless for organization type, geography, etc.) and all broadcasters (regardless of size or geography) in the first and second columns, respectively.

Please note that in all cases, these brands are shown in alphabetical order, NOT in the order of their ranking in the study.

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