SeaChange highlights on-demand technology at Media Summit

Stuart Lipson, vice president of content solutions for SeaChange, discusses the needs of the “connected consumer” in the era of digital entertainment
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SeaChange International was a co-sponsor of last week’s 2005 Media Summit in New York City. The two-day media conference, presented by the McGraw-Hill companies, brought together a who’s who of leading industry figures from the television, motion picture, cable, satellite, broadband and advertising industries.

Stuart Lipson, VP of content solutions for SeaChange, served on a panel that examined the needs of the “connected consumer” in the era of digital entertainment. Noting that he has three children and has been funding his own “media lab” at home for the past 18 years, Lipson said he has learned much from his 10-, 13- and 18-year-old children about what the industry can and cannot do.

Lipson noted there is little difference between between the needs of average consumers and SeaChange’s largest customers, which include some of the world’s largest content companies and network operators. All crave and value simplicity in an increasingly complex technical world, he said.

Lipson said on-demand services are giving millions of viewers more and more control over thousands of hours of entertainment, network programs, local productions and other content.

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