SBE supports request for Declaratory Ruling

The request asks the FCC to rule that stations be reimbursed for converting ENG systems
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SBE submitted ex parte comments in support of the Request for Declaratory Ruling jointly filed on June 20 by Nextel, MSTV and the NAB.

The request asks the commission to rule that stations who applied for 2GHz TV broadcast auxiliary service (BAS) between June 26, 2000, but before Nov. 23, 2004, also be eligible for reimbursement of expenses by Nextel for converting microwave radios and related hardware from the old to the new band plans, should Nextel find it proper to do so.

TV pickup stations operating in the 2GHz TV BAS band are used primarily for ENG purposes. SBE said any protracted delay in finalizing action keeps the 2GHz TV BAS band a moving target, and forces some licenses into purchasing interim microwave radios and associated hardware. Finality regarding the 2GHz TV BAS band did not occur until Nov. 22, 2004, when the W Docket 02-55 Report & Order (R&O) was published in the Federal Register.

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