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Winner: WGBH-TV
by Microwave Radio Communications

WGBH-TV maintains a full-duplex 7Ghz inter-city microwave link between WGBH in Boston and its sister station WGBY-TV in Springfield, MA, 100 miles away. The link is used for program exchange and also handles network traffic such as e-mail and Web access for WGBY. In 2001, Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) upgraded these systems. The company proposed specified variable-rate modems at each end as the baseband interface and at each repeater site to re-clock the data. These modems met the bandwidth and interface requirements the station was looking for.

Key technology: MRC DAR radios, MRC variable-rate modems, TANDBERG Television E5720 MPEG encoders, TANDBERG Television TT1260 MPEG decoders

Runner-up: WNED-TV
by Thales Broadcast & Multimedia

Key technology: Thales DCX Paragon transmitter, Tektronix RFA 300 measurement set, Sencore IRD 3384 receiver/decoder, Leader LV5152DA HD monitor, Wohler ATSC-3 5.1 channel audio monitor, Barco HDM5049 HD monitor, Dielectric NTSC/DTV combiner, DeltaStar TUC-05-16/80H-R panel antenna