NRK transforms news workflow

At the heart of the Norwegian state broadcaster’s new workflow is a fully integrated sQ News/Sport production system from Quantel

News anchor Lisbeth Schei presents a midday bulletin from a setting within the NRK newsroom.

Norwegian state broadcaster NRK recently installed a fully integrated sQ News/Sport production system from Quantel.

The system is based on four sQ servers, each with four video ports, and a total storage of 400 hours of IMX50. There are 124 sQCut editing packages on journalists' desktops, eight sQEdit Plus systems for craft editing and also a Paintbox, which is used for headline graphics.

NRK produces 18 television news broadcasts a day through its network of 12 regional offices in addition to its Oslo headquarters — a vast campus that is home to 2400 staff members, encompassing its central news operations and production and post production facilities for both NRK television and radio.

System connectivity is via a dual fiber gigabit network, with a dual power supply to guard against power problems. The sQ system is integrated with NRK's ENPS newsroom system via a dynamic MOS gateway, and the whole operation runs under an Omnibus Columbus automation.

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