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Thomson Grass Valley M-Series iVDR: A familiar user interface with traditional VTR capabilities, including record, playout, removable media and the ability to ingest from a DV camera via 1394 Firewire connection; supports multiple channels, simultaneous playout and recording, robust network support, clip editing and trimming, playlist creation and the ability to exchange materials with a variety of applications using industry-standard protocols.
+33 1 34 20 70 00;


Force Model 3762 DigitalEXCELLinx: Links broadcasters to broadband video distribution systems; transports all combinations of broadcast formats while providing users with a wide range of control options and telemetry information; offered in a 1RU optical terminal; multiplexes two channels of digital or analog formats in any combination, depending on system requirements.


Crystal Vision GPI36: The 100mm × 266mm module extends the reach of the company's Statesman PC software beyond just the remote-controlled Crystal Vision boards to any product that can generate or accept GPI signals; Crystal Vision products without RS422 but with GPI functionality as well as third-party equipment now can be monitored or controlled using the Statesman PC control system.
+44 1223 497049;


Stratos Lightwave VMC-R-X-2: Has typical link distance up to 20km at 1.485 Gb/s and up to 35km at 270Mb/s; features a Digital Diagnostic Monitoring interface; includes 75Ω BNC simplex electrical interface, error-free pathological pattern operation and an LED indicator; has a rugged die cast/over molded construction.
+44 1440 706 441;


Darim Vision FS1000: Captures video input, adds titles or graphics and sets up a playlist for later broadcasting; features multiple video input and output formats and a hot swappable hard disk capable of recording more than 24 hours of video; supports real-time editing and the creation of still and animated titles using the DD Title package.
+82 42 862 4173;


Sennheiser HD 650: Combines a flat frequency response (10Hz to 39,500Hz/-10dB) with natural dynamics and a smooth, uncolored sound; features enhanced bass response; includes an upgraded cable and reduced distortion in the high frequencies, making it ideal for editing and mastering applications.


DNF Controls ST300-DSR1K: Developed to provide control over the Sony DSR-DR1000 DVCAM stream-based hard-disk recorder; provides instant access and simultaneous record and playback functionality; offers users a T-Bar for fast, simple and smooth slow-motion instant replay; features single-keystroke cue marking for access of up to 100 cue points per DSR-DR1000.


McQ Productions/Software Systems E•Logger 2.0: Program is currently available for Mac OS 8.1 - 9.x; for digital error logging, the unit works with broadcast digital video recorders, including Sony DigiBeta, IMX and HD recorders as well as Panasonic AJ-D and AJ-H series digital recorders; for time code break logging, which is new in version 2.0, E•Logger works with any RS-422-controlled player or recorder.


Telestream MAPreview: Automatically records multiple video feeds and captures important metadata during ingest; media is encoded and stored using Windows Media 9 Series, designed to provide broadcast quality with greater storage efficiency than MPEG-2; performs automated background tasks to index, reformat, move and archive content across the network; these utilities are all performed through a Windows environment.


OmniTek OmniGen: New option is the OmniGen Advanced Option, which enables the insertion of a range of user-defined metadata into the output signal; this includes both vertical-interval and ancillary timecode, SMPTE RP186 video index information packets and EN300294 widescreen signaling data; another unique feature in the Advanced Option is the ability to capture, store and play full-raster video images, including all data contained in the horizontal and vertical blanking intervals.
+44 1256 881 110;


Network Electronics VikinX: Ranges from 32×32 to 128×128; is available in SDI or HD-SDI; supports data rates from 19.4Mb/s to 540Mb/s in the SDI version and 19.4Mb/s to 1485Mb/s in the HD-SDI version; SD and HD can be mixed in the same frame; provides a fully hot-swappable architecture independent of signal formats.
+47 33 48 99 99;


Bluefish444: Its SD and HD product range is now compatible with Discreet Combustion 3.0; Combustion 3.0 users working with Bluefish444 video cards can see instantly their composites in the true YUV broadcast color space on either an SD or HD SDI broadcast monitor; together with Symmetry, Bluefish444's capture and playback station, Combustion 3.0 users have the ability to capture QuickTime 10-bit YUV or 10-bit RGB Cineon and DPX file formats in either SD or HD SDI.
+44 20 8868 2479;


SGI Tezro: Supports a full suite of SGI DMedia Pro options; includes up to four processors for CPU-intensive applications; has high-bandwidth architecture; features VPro graphics; supports two streams of HD 10-bit 4:4:4:4 RGBA video; can also display large data sets at high resolution and can support four simultaneous, synchronized displays for help in data analysis and problem solving; has two form factors designed for serviceability and deployability.


IRIDAS SpeedGrade: Allows real-time primary and secondary correction of 2K frame sequences at any point in post-production or even on-set; attaches XML-based color correction parameters to sequence playlists; once the color correction work is finished, SpeedGrade allows users to render the frames to disk for final output.
+49 89 330 40 982;


Digital Vision BitLink: Supports extensive decoding and system modes, making it ideal for use in ATSC/DVB contribution and professional network monitoring applications; video decoding formats cover interlaced and progressive HDTV formats as well as SDTV for 50Hz and 60Hz systems; both digital and analog video outputs are available.
+46 8546 182 00;


Sierra Video Systems Shasta 1602HD-LS: Resolves on-air switching of embedded audio for live broadcast facilities; switches HD video without the pops or clicks associated with embedded audio; includes route locking, manual chop, tally and adjustable blade; built with an auto-timer feature that automatically time-aligns inputs within a 2H window.


Sony XDCAM: Facilitates the transfer of material at high-speed from the field to the television station for nonlinear editing; a single professional-grade XDCAM disc holds about 90 minutes of 25Mb/s material, 45 minutes shot at 50Mb/s, 55 minutes at 40Mb/s and 75 minutes at 30Mb/s.
+44 1256 355 011;


Active Power CleanSource UPS: Has four models in power ratings from 65kVA to 130kVA; stores kinetic energy in a constantly spinning, quiet, low-friction, solid steel disc; features flywheel energy storage; has programmable input and output contacts; includes redundant cooling fans, back-feed protection and auto restart; has a static bypass wraparound contactor and a bi-directional converter; features local emergency power off (EPO).


Studer V3.3: Applicable to Studer consoles using the D950 processing core — the D950 M2, Vista 7 and Vista 6; has improved snapshop facilities in static mode; includes an undo function for snapshot recall; can snapshot crossfades over any interval up to 100 seconds; protects against accidentally changing patched connections; other features vary depending on the console type and its existing feature set.
+41 1 870 75 11;


Neutrik RCA phono connectors: RCA jacks feature isolated recessed sockets in nickel or black chrome D series-style housings; either connector can be ordered with black, red, yellow, blue, green or white ID rings to enable color-coding for video applications; the new NYS-373 plugs feature gold-plated contacts; RCA phono jacks feature a rated current and voltage of 1A and 50V, with an insulation resistance of 5GΩ, contact resistance of 10mΩ and dielectric strength of 500V; optimized for use between -25 degrees and +70 degrees Celsius.
+423 237 24 24;


Eyeheight impact: Deisgned to allow television channel branding idents to be created rapidly, reliably and cost-efficiently; for use in 525- and 625-line systems; can capture SDI logo feeds in real time; up to eight logos can be stored in user memory and selected from the control panel or via GPI-interfaced automation; additional features include x/y positioning and full 10-bit linear keying.
+44 1923 256 000;


Cam Systems Eclipse 3.2: Includes integrated inventory control, reporting and sales and traffic management; features an advanced make-good functionality, enhanced programming, network format capabilities, and simplified order entry; has fully customized invoicing and financial control/reporting features.


Canopus MVRD2200: Filters, stabilizes and enhances analog source video quality prior to encoding; pre-filtering features include advanced 3D Y/C separation to reduce color noise and improve image quality, 3D digital noise reduction to eliminate noise in the analog video signal, a line time base corrector to correct jittery video images, and digital frame and auto gain controls.
+44 1189 210150;


Clear-Com RS-600 series: Has ultra-compact, body-hugging design; features onboard setup options with display LED; includes advanced setup options with free PC software; edit and store up to four different setups in memory; has an additional 2.5mm cell phone-type headset jack; series includes standard single- and dual-channel units.


Electrorack Enclosure Products Automatic Grounding System: Eliminates the need for users to drill through the surface to the ground; features a specially designed grounding clip and standard butt splice; the clip system eliminates having to drill and install braided cable; complies with UL standards for equipment grounding conductors.


MCL MT4400: Antenna-mount TWT amplifier for C- or Ku-band applications at 750W or DBS-band applications at 500W; available for X-band or Tri-band on request; is weather-resistant and offers an advanced thermal design and rugged construction for extreme environments; features extensive built-in diagnostic capabilities; can be integrated in both new and existing outdoor amplifier installations.


Popwire Technology Compression Master 2.1: Mac OSX-based encoder supports ISMA and 3GPP specifications; features Pre-view, support for 2-pass encoding, MPEG-4 Advanced profile, improved filters, optimized performance and improved GUI; has an extended format support and extended filter features.
+46 8 506 667 00;


Gefen DVI-1000 HD: Sends HD signals any length up to 500 meters from the source to the display using fiber-optic cables; HD video is transmitted through sender and receiver units placed at the source and the extend display; DDC control signals are sent through separate CAT-5 cables or are preprogrammed at the factory with pre-defined EDID settings.


Leitch Panacea: Features comprehensive format support, including HD, and can mix multiple signal formats in the same frame; offers a wide array of routing matrices, from dual 4×4 to 8×8 up to 32×32 and 256×1; designed for space-constrained operations demanding full local and remote control capabilities in a routing solution.
+44 1344 446 000;


Tektronix MTM400: Detects signal degradation caused during transmission and distribution; now features QAM Annex B and C interfaces for the Japanese and U.S. cable markets in addition to the existing QPSK and QAM Annex A interfaces for satellite and European cable customers.
+44 1344 39 22 00;


Panasonic AG-DVX100A: Incorporates Panasonic's CineSwitch technology supporting 480i/60, cinema-style 480p/24fps and 480p/30fps image capture; other features include enhanced 24p and 30p progessive mode functions; improved color reproduction; a slow shutter function for higher sensitivity and motion effects; and a new squeeze mode for 16:9 recording.
+44 118 902 9200; (opens in new tab)


Prism Sound dScope: Tests the audio performance of DVD players and other devices compatible with Dolby Digital; designed to offer the shortest test times with its unique implementation of multi-tone testing; offers the measurement performance and feature set needed for the most demanding R&D or quality-control applications.
+44 1223 424 988;


AJA Video Systems Io LD and Io LA: Support the highest quality 10-bit uncompressed video available — on both the digital and analog inputs and outputs; smaller and lower cost relatives of Io interfaces are application-specific: Io LD is designed to work with SDI signals, and Io LA is for analog components or signals.


ERG Ventures HDM-EV30D: Offers enhanced color and gamma adjustment functions, framing markers and a memory preset function; has a rugged, compact design and low-power consumption; features a wide and stable site angle, panel brightness and a color adjustment function that allows for near-exact color reproduction.
+81 3 3760 8161;


APT WorldNet Rio Lite: Compact version of the WorldNet Rio codec; features front-panel LEDs to indicate status and can be delivered in mono/sterio, simplex or duplex modes; additional features include contact closure, alarm ports and optional AES/EBU audio input/output.
+44 28 9037 1110;


Streambox ACT-L3: Is a real-time digital video solution; includes the ACT-L3 codec, a video compression engine; features adjustable video latency; video and audio signals automatically reconnect after loss of video signal or network connection; automated system restarts after loss of power and restarts the decoder from the encoder; includes back-channel monitoring on PC or TV on T1/E1 and IP-based systems; has a customized standby image; has an automated 30-second system uptime, after power outage or from system reboot.


DMT M000D: Is fully compliant with applicable ETS standards; the baseline version can be used in multi-frequency TV networks; to operate in single-frequency TV networks, an SFN sync system is optionally available; features near seamless switching between inputs, a built-in test signal generator and analog baseband output.
+39 039 2 4321;


Fujinon XA101x8.9BESM: Features 101x magnification and a wide focal length less than 9mm; ideal for shooting widescreen 16:9 HD as well as 4:3 SD images; includes Fujinon's built-in OS TECH optical stabilization system.
+49 2154 924 0;


Sachtler fluid head 75: Designed for cine, studio and EFP operation; offers a payload range of 13kg to 75kg; all three versions have 24-step counterbalance and boost switching, as well as 9-step damping (both horizontal and vertical).
+49 89 321 58 200;


Calrec Audio Hydra: Advanced networking and mic pre-amp system enables I/O resources to be shared throughout the entire family of Calrec digital consoles; built on gigabit Ethernet technology to provide reliability with a high bandwidth; connections can be over fiber or copper; the connection between the digital I/O rack and the Gigabit interface unit allows up to 128 bi-directional channels.
+44 1422 842 159;


Blackmagic Design v4.1 software: For all DeckLink model uncompressed video cards; update includes video and key output support to DeckLink Pro and a new Disk Speed Test utility; an internal keyer allows live keying of video as it's passed from the DeckLink video input to the DeckLink video output and does not require any external equipment.
+61 3 9682 4770;


Inscriber and Sanbolic: A storage area network for E-Clips using Melio FS, Sanbolic's SAN file system, Adaptec's SANbloc storage and Qlogic host bus adapters; Melio FS is a scalable file system that allows workstations to be added to a SAN, with the ability to add extra storage as needed; Melio FS' locking mechanism allows multiple E-Clips systems to simultaneously access the same file on the shared, centralized video storage.
+31 297 380930;


DK-Audio MSD600M++: Enhanced version of the MSD600M; incorporates a faster processor and increased memory, preparing the unit for future program packages; screen has a faster refresh rate, providing an improved image quality; accepts modules with a sample rate of up to 96kHz; the all-in-one unit is housed in a compact, rugged metal casing.
+45 44 85 02 55;

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