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New AKG headsets offer professional performance

The new AKG professional headphones include a mic arm that swivels horizontally and rotates vertically through 270 degress.

The AKG K 271 and K 171 professional headphones and are the core of five new professional headsets for broadcast, recording, monitoring and intercom. The new headsets offer:

  • horizontal mic arm swivel and vertical rotation through 270 degrees
  • intelligent switching function to mute the mic automatically as the microphone arm is moved up
  • automatic mute as the headset is taken off (HSC271 and HSD271)
  • self-adjusting headband
  • switchable bass rolloff filter on HSC 171 and HSC 271.

The headsets are available with a dynamic or a condenser microphone. Both microphones provide directivity and high off-axis rejection. A dedicated transducer shock mount suppresses unwanted handling noise.

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