France Television Sports goes tapeless for Tour de France

France Television Sports installed a completely tapeless, integrated media management system for its production of Tour de France 2006 coverage.

Turning to EVS for a solution, France Television Sports wanted to make video content more accessible for its various production and post-production teams in a shorter period of time.

France Television and VCF (Video Communication France) were in charge of the entire production of the Tour de France. In addition to the international feed, France Television also produced highlights intended for live coverage and for France 2 and France 3 news bulletins.

An EVS system was built around an XT[2] production and playout server. Eight networked production servers linked to the [IP]Director media management system via the EVS XNet[2] media sharing network. The network ensured instant media transfer with a capacity of about 240 hours of content.

All live production during the race was integrated into the network, and the various sequences were indexed with [IP]Director's logging interface. The application enabled a series of keywords to be associated with recorded video sequences.

Keywords were defined beforehand with the various production and post-production teams. The logging also allowed for a description of a clip and rating of its quality to be included.

Once logged, the media was then made available to the various production teams working on the live transmission and to the editing teams working on the highlights intended for post-race reports. Editors working on Avid NLEs could search for media based on the pre-defined keywords.

Once selected, the sequence was viewed and transferred to Avid's shared Unity storage with a mouse click. Once editing was completed, the segment was reintegrated on the EVS XT[2] servers for playout.

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