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Flarion’s high speed network will be used in Europe

U.S.-based wireless communications company Flarion said last week that it expects to sign several deals with European operators for nationwide construction of its ultra high-speed mobile data technology.

Michael Gallagher, president of the privately held firm, told Reuters it is preparing to enter an industry standardization process for its Flash OFDM technology within the next three to six months. This would provide network equipment vendors around the world with equal terms to license Flarion’s technology.

The technology signals a major improvement in data transmission speeds by using a new architecture called Flexband with Flash OFDM’s wireless network infrastructure. The upgrade boosts the capacity of the entire network, and especially at the edge of the network cell where performance is typically lowest.

To avoid concerns about its proprietary technology among potential customers as well as suppliers of Flash OFDM equipment, it would start the standardization process. For an industry standard to be approved by the standards bodies, it needs to be available at reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

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