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FCC announces procedures to make BAS transition licensing easier

The FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau issued a public notice July 29 announcing Universal Licensing System (ULS) licensing procedures aimed at making the transition of Television Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) licensees and Local Television Transmission Service (LTTS) licensees in the 2GHz band efficient.

The notice also included an announcement from the FCC’s Media Bureau related procedures for licensees in the Cable Television Relay Service (CARS), which will remain in effect for the duration of the transition of these licenses from the existing 1990MHz to 2110MHz band to the compressed 2025MHz to 2110MHz band.

The transition will require three steps:

  • operate on the old channel plan with existing analog emissions,
  • operate on the old channel plan with new narrower digital emissions,
  • operate on the new channel plan with narrow digital emissions.

Under the existing ULS procedures, multiple license modifications, which would need to be carefully timed, would be necessary to fulfill this three step transition.

The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau notice announced new procedures to make the transition more efficient and timely.

To read the details of the new procedures, visit

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