ASTRO builds new infrastructures with Omneon Spectrum

Malaysian broadcaster, ASTRO All Asia Netowkrs, using new Omneon Spectrum media server systems to provide final playout-to-air at the company's All Asia Broadcast Centre.

Four Spectrum server systems are installed at the 350,000sq ft ABC facility. Each of the facility's two playout servers provides 800 hours of 15Mb/s MPEG-2 storage and is configured with 36 playout ports, operating as main and backup, plus an additional 12 ports dedicated for ingest. The other two Spectrum server systems are configured with 350 hours of 30Mb/s MPEG-2 (I-Frame only) storage, and each has six outputs (main and backup) configured for MXF file transfers, as well as three ports dedicated to ingest. The four server systems are interconnected via a Fibre Channel link.

ASTRO drives its Omneon servers with OmniBus Systems Colossus automation, performing monitoring services with Miranda Technologies probes. The ABC transmission system supports 12 local playout services with ASTRO's Malaysian DTH bouquet, 10 into the company's Indonesian DTH bouquet, and eight regional services uplinked in C-band to service broadcasters in other territories.

The ABC system first went live in May 2005, while Cyberjaya's new transmission systems were launched in February to service the Winter Games in Torino.

More information about Omneon is available online at

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