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A path for delivering digital content

Internet and satellite technology is being used to change the way the television industry works. The efforts of Pathfire, formerly known as Video Networks, are changing the way the television industry works on a day-to-day basis.

Pathfire's spot distribution system allows for digital distribution of ads and uses a Java interface to allow users to schedule spots, confirm or change distribution priority, confirm distribution progress, and archive spots for future use. The system also allows buyers and sellers to send and receive documents via the Internet, by letting their traffic and billing systems talk to each other — no matter which system each company uses.

Used by NBC and more than 200 of its affiliates, Pathfire's video-on-demand service is a digital content management solution that eliminates the need for manual duplication of tapes and costly physical delivery. Breaking news feeds are delivered digitally to each producer's desktop. The system is also a good choice for multiple systems operators who need an easy way to get content to cable headends.

Pathfire also offers an online syndication portal called VideoCenter. VideoCenter links video producers and content owners with users and viewers. Syndicators can use VideoCenter as a self-serve portal that allows them to purchase media tools, host streaming media, Webcast special events, transact business, share and trade content with partners, inventory and catalog assets, and get customer feedback.

Pathfire's services have already had a great effect on the television industry and offer the potential for use in other industries, including film and the Internet.