A letter from the publishers

In the news business, being second is never acceptable. Staffs know that their station benefits when they capture and air a story before the competition. This puts managers and engineers on the lookout for the tools and the technology to enable their news staffs to acquire, edit and air footage and graphics faster than the next guy.

Today, many stations rely on a file-based workflow to enable their production staffs. While that works well for SD content, what about HD? Broadcasters now realize that news can't just be an SD-only phenomena. As viewers see more HD content on their home screens, they expect all programming — including local news — to be equally as visually compelling.

If the HD production issues aren't enough of a challenge, two new screens have popped into view: the Web and mobile phones. Local television content, especially news, is now expected to appear on all three screens almost simultaneously. The dilemma for engineers and managers is how to cost effectively enable their staffs to produce this content quickly, in high quality and in a variety of formats.

To help engineers and managers meet this challenge, Broadcast Engineering and Broadcasting & Cable magazines have joined forces to produce a series of supplements and private technical symposiums focused on practical solutions. This supplement and symposium are focused on newsroom technology. We've assembled key vendor and industry experts to offer both their thoughts and experience and to answer your questions.

Whether you are just starting to broadcast news in HD or needing to move your content onto the Web and handhelds, the solutions you may need lie just ahead.

Johnathan Chalon
Vice President,
Entertainment Technology Division
Group Publisher,
Broadcast Engineering and Radio Magazines

Larry Dunn
Broadcasting & Cable