IBC2013 Product Preview

This preview highlights some of the many products releases at the show. For many of the readers, the primary reason for attending the show is to find out what is new. Exhibitions still present a special way to discover new products, something that the web has not yet ousted. There is nothing like the show-and-tell from a product manager for a real insight into a new product.

Broadcast Engineering will be providing video interviews during the show on key new product introductions, and we are again running our BE@IBC blog (broadcastengineering.com/blog/beibc) with news and product announcements in the run up to the show.

HD COFDM camera transmitter
Cobham Broadcast SOLO7 Nano TX

Matchbox-size addition to the company’s SOLO range provides vital transmission stability for HD images; with latency as low as 15ms, the unit enables wireless and wired cameras to perform as a single unit to capture and transmit details at events of any size; this enables viewers to experience news, entertainment and drama from vantage points never before possible; an SD version is also available.

Stand: 1.F41

Genelec M Series

M Series bi-amplified active monitors continue company’s sustainability intiative by using new Class D amplifiers developed in-house; new amplifiers are highly efficient and have low distortion; Intelligent Signal Sensing power management powers monitors off and on in response to audio signals.

Stand: 8.D61

MediorNet Grass Valley interface card
Riedel Communications MN-C-OPT-GV-2

Designed for MediorNet Compact real-time networks; allows users to connect Grass Valley LDK and LDX cameras and their base stations to MediorNet; provides a solution to route bi-directional camera signals, including all embedded audio and telemetry control data, through the MediorNet infrastructure; MediorNet’s network approach allows the free assignment of cameras to any base station or CCU within the network, providing flexibility in setups and eliminating the need for rewiring when productions needs change.

Stand: 10.A31

TeleGlide camera track system
Telemetrics TG4

Fourth-generation track design; incorporates the best of the TG2 and TG3 track systems; biggest advances are stability and motion smoothness; is quiet and can handle loads up to 113kg; is configurable for custom track designs like “L,” “S” or “O” shaped track designs; features an advanced design in size and position to minimize bumps between sections of track; specialized wheel material prevents bumps and shake in motion.

Stand: 11.E37

Cloud content storage management system
Front Porch Digital LYNXdr, LYNXlocal

LYNXdr is a hosted disaster recovery service that allows global media enterprises to centralize critical assets and consolidate operations; LYNXlocal is a simple extension to LYNX that operates locally as an appliance, caching cloud content and providing integration to specialized systems if needed; LYNXlocal is billed as a service element at a low monthly rate.

Stand: 7.D14

Video streaming and recording appliance
Matrox Video Monarch HD

Small, easy-to-use video streaming and recording appliance designed for professional video producers who need to simultaneously stream a live event and record a mastering-quality version for post-event editing; provides these two independent delivery channels in an integrated unit; from any HDMI input source such as a camera or switcher, the unit generates an H.264-encoded stream compliant with RTSP or RTMP protocol.

Stand: B.729

Cellular newsgathering platform
Dejero LIVE+ Platform Version 2.9

New remote control feature gives broadcast operators an easy means of controlling Dejero’s LIVE+ Transmitter and LIVE+ VSET mobile ENG systems from any studio or remote location using any HTML5-enabled Web browser, including those running on mobile devices; an updated codec is able to product much better audio quality at similar bit rates than previous versions; update also includes improvements to transmission reliability.

Stand: 11.C21

Satellite terminal
Vislink Advent MSAT

Fully integrated satellite terminal, capable of supporting either a 90cm or 120cm antenna; new motorized version is a full tri-band optioned system that can support X, Ka and Ku band configurations, capable of delivering HD video and data from anywhere in the world; feeds can also be swapped in the field; motorized version offers improved data throughput rates of up to 10Mb/s, making it ideal for a first-on-the-scene broadcast uplink.

Stand: 1.A9

Media transformation platform
Wohler RadiantGrid

Version 8 release contains new media processing engine that provides faster-than-real-time content transformation; performs complete intelligent analysis of all inbound media while retaining technical metadata at container, essence and frame levels; brings optimized video pipeline features such as anamorphic video handling, 2K/4K support and higher bit depths of up to 16-bit YUV; adds full color legalization in both the PAL and NTSC domains; enables fully compliant OTT offerings for Microsoft Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH, HLS, H.265/HEVC and more.

Stand: 10.B10

Shotgun mic
DPA Microphones d:dicate 4017C

Combines 4017 shotgun capsule with compact C preamp to create mic that is ideal for boom recording in tight spaces and rooms where ceiling height is limited; offers same functionality as 4017B-R, which is the shotgun microphone in a Rycote Windshield; 4017C-R offers smaller Rycote Windshield to give outside broadcasters, journalists and location filmmakers everything they need for clear, directional sound regardless of weather or environmental conditions.

Stand: 8.D76

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Video monitor
Flanders Scientific CM320TD

32in, 10-bit panel with 1920 x1080 native resolution; CFE2 (custom LUT import), simultaneous monitoring of two inputs; suited for all post-production applications, but also a capable field monitor with weight (9.5kg) and power consumption (max 50W) on par with smaller monitors.

Stand: 10.F39

Batch-processing loudness tool

New optional feature will analyze and correct MXF files without converting to WAV format; option saves corrected files to MXF format and preserves all other data in file; supports OP-Atom and OP1a formats, as well as PCM audio data (including D10-encoded PCM); offline file-based loudness analysis and correction program designed for rapid assessment and correction of files for loudness and true-peak content; compliant with ITU-R BS. 1770 and EBU R128-based specifications.

Stand: 7.F07

Monitoring and control system
Axon Cerebrum

Simultaneously monitors, controls all elements of broadcaster’s infrastructure; will target all applications where some form of broadcast facility monitor or control is required; brings together all requirements for safe, flexible broadcast operation.

Stand: 10.A21/B21

Contribution encoder
ATEME Kyrion CM5000

High-performance encoder for contribution, distribution links; features unique FPGA design, permitting complete software upgradability from SD to HD or 4:2:0 to 4:2:2; feature upgrades include a solution for video multiplex operators called the Seamless Channel Insertion (SCI), based on open standard/nonproprietary Piecewise CBR control rate mode; allows broadcast contribution network operators to smoothly insert or remove channels in an MPTSystem.

Stand: 1.D71

Archive management service
SGL Broadcast Notification Service

New subscription service enables material to be transferred directly into the archive; archive management is further enhanced by the addition of intelligent amalgamation services including optimizing tape and tape-head usage without limiting access to individual files; separate elements of an amalgamated archive can still be identified and easily retrieved; allows users to subscribe to messaging about processes, material and hardware for effective workflow monitoring.

Stand: 7.J15a

Fluorescent light panel
Photon Beard Square One

Fluorescent lighting panel measures 1ft square (30cm), and produces more light, more economically; includes eight 5/8in diameter fluorescent tubes that deliver the equivalent of 110W of balanced illumination, but at only 64W; dimmable for maximum flexibility; can be powered either direct from AC power or for approximately one hour with a V- or Gold-mount camera battery.

Stand: 11.D43

Avid Pro Tools 11

Latest version enables audio professionals to take on the most demanding productions with new, high-powered audio and video engines, 64-bit architecture, expanded metering and direct HD video workflows; offline bounce delivers mixes up to 150 times faster than real time; low-latency input buffer ensures ultra-low latency record monitoring without sacrificing plug-in performance.

Stand: 7.J20

Software application for yellobriks
LYNX Technik yelloGUI

Complementary software application permits select yellobriks to be configured over USB using a PC and a MAC; gives users an enhanced level of yellobrik configuration for advanced features and settings; user interface, like the yellobrik modules, is designed to be simple and intuitive; once the module is connected, a virtual image of the module is displayed showing the user all switches, controls and module indicators.

Stand: 8.C70

LED Fresnel
Videssence VIDNEL VN100

100W, high color rendering LED Fresnel fixture; provides single shadow and focusing characteristics essential to Fresnel fixtures while using a fraction of the power of tungsten units; fixture generates strong directional beam of adjustable light with even coverage of 3200K color (5600K optional); delivers flicker-free dimming without color shift.

Stand: 11.B12

Logo keyer
Crystal Vision MultiLogo

Logo keyer provides three layers of keying from variety of internal and external sources, including a 4GB or 8GB video store which can hold up to 500 still or animated logos; included MultiLogo Control Software makes it easy to get graphics on screen; can embed up to four audio groups into its video outputs, with audio mixing allowing output audio to be generated from a mix of audio embedded on video input and a voiceover sourced from either the two internal audio stores or from an external AES input.

Stand: 2.B11

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File-based media processing software
Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0

Powered by the Kayak technology platform; designed to seamlessly blend media transformation and workflow processes while providing operational efficiency and agility for applications from production and archive to multiscreen distribution; advanced capabilities include automated decision-making with rich metadata support, flexible visual workflow design tools, and easy integration of new and emerging technologies.

Stand: 7.F33

4K camera
Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K

High-resolution 4K digital film camera with innovative large Super 35 size sensor and professional global shutter; combined with precision EF mount optics and high-quality Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) file recording; supports the new 6G-SDI video connection for use in live video production; high-resolution LCD display; built-in capacitive touchscreen.

Stand: 7.H20

Option for TM7/TM9 audio monitor

Part of the SW20013 software license recently issued by the company; designed to generate and analyze BLITS test signals; BLITS (Black & Lane’s Ident Tones for Surround) enables testing for channel allocation, level and phase of 5.1 surround signals.

Stand: 8.D92

Transcode farm controller
AmberFin iCR Transcode Farm Controller

Builds on multiformat transcode capabilities by significantly increasing the flexibility and versatility of a multinode transcode environment; brings improved resilience and robustness while simultaneously generating cost savings through more versatile network licensing capabilities.

Stand: 7.H39

Audio and waveform monitor
DK-Technologies PT0800

Offers an extended collection of high-quality video and waveform monitoring tools; video section is flanked by an audio toolbox, complete with bar graphs, moving coil emulation, the company’s StarFish display technology and FFT spectrum analysis; complies with all major broadcast standards; includes loudness and true peak logging; allows for virtually any combination of audio and video tools to be viewed and adapted to the specific application and use.

Stand: 8.B60

Miranda Kaleido-MX/Kaleido-Modular-X

Combine weight, space and power efficiencies with video scaling quality; designed to be easy to select, configure and install, whether in large studios or OB trucks; Kaleido-Modular-X I/O cards enable monitoring systems to be created within a 3RU, air-cooled Densité 3 frame; Kaleido-Modular-X modules use a powerful CPU to drive advanced features and provide excellent video and graphics quality, including the ability to split processing between frames.

Stand: 8.D41

Playout and distribution automation system
Pebble Beach Systems Marina

New is the SmartPanel, a user-configurable feature that gives customers the ability to design their own control panels within the Marina user interface; SmartPanel brings system management benefits by improving reporting and traceability, as commands made via the SmartPanel are incorporated into Marina’s AsRun log.

Stand: 8.B58

USB HD audio interface
Yellowtec PUC2

Offers support for Windows and OSX; powered via USB; offers AES-3 digital audio (XLR) and balanced analog line-level audio (XLR) connectivity simultaneously; delivers up to 192kHz at 24-bit with a dynamic range of 105dB; features zero-latency monitoring that allows users to monitor their recording signal in real time; an AUX output lets users connect a pair of headphones for quick checks of the audio signal.

Stand: 8.A51

Virtual tracking camera head
Shotoku SX-300VR

Pan-and-tilt head features high-accuracy, real-time data output, as well as compatibility with a wide range of camera and lens configurations; combines with the Serial Position Interface (SPI) for frame-synchronized high-resolution data tracking; VISCAM Fluid-Leaf Drag System supplies smooth continuously adjustable pan-and-tilt drag with enhanced torque and high levels of operator control; capable of supporting payloads up to 39kg.

Stand: 11.F40

Media asset management
Snell Momentum

New features include an HTML5 browser-independent interface, a Published Web Services API to allow simple interactions among business systems, and complete integration with Snell’s ICE channel-in-a-box and Morpheus automation systems; now includes support for an even broader range of external systems; configurable sidecar XML export allows increased interoperability with extender systems; Enhanced FTP watch folder support simplifies electronic delivery workflows and reduces media transfers.

Stand: 8.B70

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MAM system
NOA Audio Solutions mediArc

Features new enhancements for inclusion of rich media, including full support for videoscene detection, updated streaming servers for easier intranet content preview of rich content and video content; adds ability to launch retranscoding export operations via API from lossless compressed video archive formats.

Stand: 8.D91

Rohde & Schwarz R&S AVHE100

Can now handle multiple multiplexes on a single R&S AVS100 processing platform; just one device is needed to generate multiple physical layer pipes (PLPs) for the DVB-T2 standard; has just a few hardware components, making it compact; core components are the R&S AVS 100 audio/video server and the R&S AVG100 audio/video gateway.

Stand: 7.E25

Test and measurement
Phabrix Rx range

Rack-mount modular range features 8-channel support with a high resolution rasterized 1920 x 1080 output and new waveform instrumentation displayed with full-size picture scaling; features multichannel loudness support and full Dolby E, D and D plus decode, as well as a new 4AES card; physical layer analysis can now support four channels simultaneously.

Stand: 8.E35

Automated playout
OASYS Chameleon

Amalgamates software modules to deliver an optimal playout configuration; adapts to broadcast environment, fitting seamlessly into existing workflows; modular software is focused around playout, using either OASYS software or partner software, with an energy efficient footprint.

Stand: 8.B16

Video processor
Lawo V_pro8 V1.0.4

Can now handle 2x surround downmix (downfold) engines per SDI output; with this new capability, users can create stereo downmixes from 5.1 to 7.1 discrete surround audio tracks and embed these on the outgoing SDI so that stereo is always present along with the discrete surround audio channels; additional enhancements include the ability to monitor embedded audio via MADI, level adjustment (-60dB - +12dB) for the audio outputs and a new Dolby E aligner function.

Stand: 8.C71

Camera-mounted fiber transport system
MultiDyne SilverBACK-4K

Supports 4K; enables users to seamlessly transmit any camera signal — including Ultra HD video, HD-SDI video, audio, intercom, control data, GPIOs, tally and power — over a single hybrid copper and fiber cable; available in two versions — a feature-rich model with a video option for viewfinder of monitor viewing in the field and a low-cost model without the viewfinder/monitor viewing option.

Stand: 10.D46b

4K video transport
Net Insight Lossless 4K transport system

Provides compressed 4K transport using the company’s Nimbra 640 MSR, 10G Trunk and JPEG 2000 modules; in addition to JPEG 2000 compressed video, module can uniquely run all uncompressed SDI and ASI video formats, ranging from ASI to 3G-SDI, per port configurable.

Stand: 1.B40

KVM matrix switch
Guntermann & Drunck ControlCenter-Digital

Features a modular design consisting of interchangeable input and output cards (I/O cards); has 288 ports available; cabling system is done via CAT cable and fiber optics (also in mixed mode); compatible with all system components of the DVICenter series; supports the transparent transmission and switching of USB 2.0 and RS232 signals.

Stand: 4.B60

Playout software controller
EVS Nano Air

Designed for TV studio and on-stage entertainment productions; requires no configuration; provides instant control of all EVS production servers; when combined with EVS XS, XT3 or XSnano servers, it becomes a reliable, cost-effective multichannel playout solution; enables simultaneous playback for both SD and HD clips and playlists to multiple destinations, including background studios and stage screens.

Stand: 8.B90

Fibre Channel host bus adapter
ATTO Technology Celerity

Available in single-, dual- and quad-channel configurations; ideal system for users looking to achieve the highest I/O and data throughput for advanced video and enterprise-class IT applications; offers driver support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, VMware and more, providing a single connectivity system for customers with heterogeneous operating system environments.

Stand: 7.F41

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OTT platform
Visual Unity vuMedia 2.0

Major new feature is the integration of the company’s vuEasy next-generation online video platform; vuEasy cloud-based service alleviates the need for businesses to build an expensive, in-house and resource-intensive media library by allowing them to publish their content online; supports live streaming of HD video and allows graphics and other audio and visual material to be associated with video or audio files, for brand promotion or to generate advertising revenue.

Stand: 14.114

Audio technology reseller
HHB Communications

Company will be demonstrating a range of MADI, audio and loudness metering, measurement and correction tools, in addition to a selection of portable audio recorders, broadcast consoles, loudspeakers and microphones, Avid Pro Tools software and hardware, and Mogami “Cable for Life” cables.

Stand: 8.D56

Dialogue enhancement
Fraunhofer IIS Dialog Enhancement Technology

Allows TV audiences to individually adjust the volume of dialog, music or sound effects within a single broadcast program; audiences can adjust volume to best suit their personal choice, listening environment and hearing capabilities to better understand speech and dialogues on TV or radio; compatible with all existing transmission and playback equipment.

Stand: 8.B80

Commentary mixer
Glensound Electronics GS-GC5/USB

Provides a complete USB audio interface; features interfacing facilities for two commentators plus a spare (guest); mic/phantom/line switchable inputs on XLR, with broadcast-quality mic amps and “Referee” compressor/limiter system developed specifically for sports broadcast inputs; two headphone outputs for each commentator, one on a 6.35mm jack socket for high-impedance connections, and one on a 3.5mm jack socket for low-impedance.

Stand: 8.E72

Cellular bonding solution
Teradek Bond Pro

Camera-back HD H.264 bonded cellular solution is designed for broadcast cameras with Gold-mount or V-mount power systems; its modular design and ease of use make it a simple addition to any broadcast rig; its light weight and low power consumption allows camera operators to quickly maneuver within tight spaces and broadcast live for long periods of time without interruption or fatigue.

Stand: 11.A43, 11.D21

Network monitoring system
Thomson Broadcast Wavetracker

Cost-efficient network monitoring system has a dedicated customer support portal; performs all state-of-the-art functions required for configuring and monitoring a Thomson Broadcast Transmission network; native nomadic support of Wavetrack enables the network operator to safely and freely add or remove equipment from the system via tablet or smartphone directly on-site; graphical charting interface allows operators to check the status of the network at a glance or to access up-to-date documentation on any item of equipment in the network.

Stand: 8.C11

MPEG TS monitoring interface
Volicon Observer 7.1

Features a broader array of inputs to support ASI, QAM, 8-VSB, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-T, as well as MPEG TS interfaces; available on all Observer TS systems — including Enterprise, Pro and Scout systems — the new interface simplifies deployment and configuration for receiving off-air channels.

Stand: 7.G23

Automatic remote playout
PlayBox Technology EdgeBox

Offers fully redundant automatic remote playout anywhere in the world via the Internet; makes a TV station, complete with local branding and content, an economic reality — even for small audiences; comprises two parts — one integrated at the broadcast center with the existing traffic, storage, MAM, ingest, transcoding and file transfer systems, and the other at the remote site, which includes playout equipment and monitoring.

Stand: 8.C30

Monitor series
Plura Broadcast SFP-3G series

Consists of the 17in SFP-217-3G, 21in SFP-221-3G, 24in SFP-224-3G and 32in SFP-232-3G full HD 1920 x 1080 precision broadcast LCD panels; various Plura SFP modules are designed to fit every possible broadcast application; features include a 6 x 6 built-in crosspoint switcher, closed caption (708/608), three preset programmable functions, and a 1RU universal control panel with Ethernet capabilities for global Plura SFP monitors control.

Stand: 8.C73


Fully-featured, cost-effective, platform-independent NRCS runs natively on Mac OS X, Linus and Windows; features Assignment Desk, a planning tool that includes a state-of-the-art linking tool, a modern planning calendar, a chat room for every assignment folder using the built-in user-to-user-messaging system, user notifications of new assignments and more; additional features include Social Media Integration, which introduces Twitter trending topics, and Topic Bins, which introduces a way to organize and share information in the newsroom.

Stand: 7.G11

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Automatic de-flickering system
I-MOVIX d-flicker

Designed for use with SprintCam Vvs HD and X10/X10+ systems; provides an efficient solution to the flickering problem to deliver flicker-free, ultra-slow-motion shots in real time, revealing the beauty of the action; solves problems with distracting lighting.

Stand: 11.C55

Broadband antennas
Jampro JVD-U, JCD-U

Now available for both VPOL and CPOL polarization; vertically or circularly polarized system enclosed by full cylindrical radome for environmental protection and minimal urban visual impact; broadband over band IV/V, allowing multiple UHF channels to be transmitted at the same time; designed for DVB-T2 (ISDB-T or ATSC digital TV application) channels; ships fully assembled and tested.

Stand: 8.B96

AJA Video Systems ROI

Mini-converter allows an operator to simply select, surround and click to insert computer video into an SDI stream; offers real-time scaling of computer DVI-D and HDMI outputs to baseband video over SDI; region of interest (ROI) scaling control for selective source screen isolation and resolution matching; DVI-D loop through enables SDI signal conversion while maintaining DVI-D monitor connection.

Stand: 7.F11

Live video-over-cellular solutions
LiveU Smart Grip and Xtender technology

Included technology includes LU70 backpack with proprietary internal and external antenna arrays, belt-clip or camera-mounted LU40-S device, weighing less than 0 .7kg, LU-Smart mobile app systems (including its patent-pending Smart Grip device), LU-Lite software-only solution (Win and Mac); and LiveU integrated Xtender antenna; all products are incorporated into the LiveU Total ecosystem by the company’s unified management platform, enabling control rooms to manage multiple video feeds from units operating in diverse locations.

Stands: 3.A63, 3.A68

Compact control desk
Custom Consoles Module-R Lite

Designed for use in production suites with limited space or in large facilities requiring multiple rows of desks; has a front-to-back depth of 875mm; option of fitting monitor display screens above the rear edge of Module-R Lite desks makes even more efficient use of space; is available with the same wide range of matching equipment pods and storage modules as the Module-R, with correspondingly adjusted front-to-back dimensions if required.

Stand: 3.A54

DTV monitoring system
Agama Technologies DTV Monitoring Solution

Version 4.5 introduces new at-a-glance Worst Channels dashboard widget, showing top problematic services as experienced by viewers; features improvements in Enterprise Server’s Timeline Correlation view, which shows monitoring correlation overviews intelligently aggregated by service or location; other improvements include enhanced user interface performance, additional metrics available in the Performance Management application layer, new possibilities in OSS/BSS integration APIs to extract data about monitored devices and more.

Stand: 4.A71

MAM system
Dalet Galaxy

Features revamped user-friendly, ergonomic interface and industry-standard BPM workflow engine tailored for media organizations; automates many tasks and processes; simultaneously managing multiple and diverse workflows across many different systems; uses a variety of data exchange and integration paths, including SOA-compliant tools as well as Dalet Xtend connectors that simplify third-party integrations with NLEs, broadcast servers, HSM, automation systems, traffic and broadcast management systems; supports a wide variety of media formats and actively participates in groups promoting industry standards including FIMS and AS02.

Stand: 8.B77

OTT system
SatLink Communications OTT system

New OTT system designed for broadcasters, telecom and mobile operators as well as ISPs; offers transcoding, live content streaming and management tools for mobile and tablet devices on Apple, Android, Windows 8 platforms and onto PCs and connected TVs.

Stand: 5.A17

Spoken word search
Nexidia Dialogue Search v1.4

Software tool searches in seconds for any spoken word or phrase across massive media libraries; reduces logging and transcription costs; integrates directly with media management and editing applications; requires no training; new features include an Adobe Premiere Pro extension, AAF Export, the Dialogue Search RESTful API to provide Nexidia search capabilities within any application, and a new proximity-based search for finding a word or phrase spoken within a certain number of seconds of another.

Stand: 3.A46

File-based workflow automation software
Aspera Orchestrator

New features include full failover support, integrated Active Directory and LDAP support, and multi-tenant capabilities; also offers an expanded plug-in library for many transcoding, watermarking, quality control, antivirus, ad insertion, asset management and other solutions.

Stand: 7.k30

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Satellite redundancy switch
Bridge Technologies VB273

Module is designed for Bridge Technologies’ new carrier-grade intelligent redundancy switching solution for satellite uplinks; works with a VB272 and VB120 in a redundant chassis to monitor two signals from dual production chains and switch to the backup chain if the main chain fails; a sophisticated automatic decision engine uses Bridge’s advanced ETR290 analysis functionality and compares error condition results against user-defined rules.

Stand 1.A30

OTT subtitling system
Screen Subtitling Systems OTT subtitling

Proprietary served Web video playback ensures that subtitles are displayed in the style intended regardless of the player; system allows viewers to select language or turn captions off, without the need to re-encode the video or host multiple copies; text is clear (not affected by the video compression); uses standard subtitle file formats; can automatically adjust broadcast version for the web via EDL.

Stand: 1.C49

Transport system
Nevion Flashlink HD-TD-10GMX-6

Is part of Nevion’s Flashlink transport system family; is a high-density six-channel HD/SD-SDI multiplexer into a 10Gb/s optical stream; all streams can be asynchronous to each other, allowing multi-standard video transport over the same fiber link; CWDM and long-haul optics are available as options.

Stand: 1.B71

Systems integration services

Provides systems integration services for broadcasters, content owners and media service providers; employs a multinational team of industry experts; features an independent and consultative methodology to television systems and workflow design that places the client at the heart of the project and allows for a fully tailored solution to be created; offices in London and Moscow.

Stand: 9.C30

Video delivery scheduling software
MediaGenix What’sOn

New features include updates to rights management, VOD scheduling and automated secondary event planning, which allows the rule-based placement of program menus, branding and the promotion of content or VOD services with the push of a button.

Stand: 3.C59

Plug-in legalizer for Apple Final Cut Pro X
Eyeheight complianceSuiteFCX

Plug-in legalizer, safe-area generator and graphic measurement toolset for the Apple Final Cut Pro X video production suite; allows file-based workflows from concept to playout by enabling users to verify and conform their content prior to submission to any file-based quality-control system, all from within their familiar Final Cut environment; designed for use with high-end video source files used for broadcast content production.

Stand: 8.B97

Compact camcorders
Canon XA25 HD, XA20 HD

Well-suited for run-and-gun style videography or ENG; designed for extreme mobility and portability; feature multiple shooting-assist functions and enhanced key components, such as a Genuine Canon wide-angle 20X HD zoom lens with an ENG-style “rocker” zoom control and built-in real-time optical image stabilization; additional features include simultaneous recording of multiple bit rates and 1080p HD formats, including 60p and native cinematic at 24p, on two separate SD cards.

Stand: 11.D21

Video delivery controller
SeaWell Networks Spectrum

New technology ensures and establishes per-session security and identification in multiscreen video delivery; enables operators to monetize, manage and optimize their services.

Stand: 14.182

DSLR prompter

Designed specifically for DSLRs; mounts in front of the DSLR, directly to a standard set of 15mm DSLR rails; this makes the prompter extremely lightweight; as a result, DSLR users can mount a range of accessories onto the rails as normal; available in two variants — the first uses a universal iPad mount (including the iPad Mini and other tablets) and the second an 8in monitor; an optional bar at the top of the hood with a number of ¼-width threads allows further accessories like on-camera lights and microphones to be deployed.

Stand: 11.F45

Avid Media Composer 7

New version features accelerated, simplified file-based workflows including optimized HD delivery from high-res source material and automated media operations; also offers Interplay Sphere for Mac support, extending real-time production everywhere; new Master Audio Fader enables inserting RTAS plug-ins to tweak tones and optimize overall program loudness for broadcast regulation adherence.

Stand: 7.J20

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2wcom FlexDSR02+/FlexDSR04+

Compact 1U IRD for professional audio contribution via satellite and IP; features versatile inputs for up to four different programs with analog or digital output, a full regional insert system, SIRC for in-band control via satellite and automatic weightbalancing of quality parameters and program source switching (satellite, IP-line, ASI, SD card) in case of failure; supports latest codecs; offers built-in monitoring of operational parameters.

Stand: 8.E78

Workflow system
TMD Mediaflex CI

Provides the ability to design workflows and use business analytics to derive valuable information; use of analytics means that the system itself can make intelligent decisions based on business rules developed by the organization, delivering huge productivity benefits; rules can be established that drive content through transcoding and transwrapping farms to automatically generate content that is quality-assured and with the right metadata in the right places.

Stand: 2.C58

Monetization technology
Vimond Platform Monetization Engine

New features are user administered through the Vimond Control Center (VCC); Product Packaging feature makes it easy for publishers and service providers to bundle channels and package content into sellable products in one interface; Ad Cue Points feature includes markers on the timeline that serve as cues to the VCC media player on where to insert ads; these markers allow content publishers to choose where to insert advertisements into live and on-demand streams by simply clicking on the video timeline.

Stand: 14.B10

Wireless transmitter
Sennheiser SKM 9000

Fully compatible with all microphone capsules from evolution wireless G3 and 2000 series; three new permanently polarized condenser capsules — ME 9002, ME 9004 and ME 9005 — feature a revolutionary shock-mount design that delivers ultra-low handling noise and maximum pop suppression.

Stand: 8.D50

3G production switcher
Ross Video Vision Octane 3G

New 1080p (3G) processing technology has been added to Vision Octane series of production switchers; built on the standard Octane production engine but with new state-of-the-art FPGA devices that allow 1080p production; accommodates 1080p50 or 1080p60 production but also adds dual 2D DVE resizers with combiner to every MLE key as well as two more DVE channels for transitions; makes it possible to create eight box shots on every MLE in the system and transition them dynamically; each MLE now has 8GB of storage for still and animated graphic playout.

Stand: 9.C10

Digital wireless audio network
Neutrik XIRIUM

Professional multichannel wireless network combines digital transmit and receive paths for superior sound quality, reliability, and easy installation and operation; based on the future-oriented DIWA (Digital Wireless Audio) technology within 5GHz frequency band.

Stand: 8.C90

Workflow automation and management
Primestream FORK 4.5 Production Suite

Manages the automation of the most complex broadcast workflows; upgrade introduces FORK Workflow Manager 1.0, a new FORK module that makes workflows visible and enables users to conceptualize and control their production workflows in an entirely new way; also features workflow integrations with the most popular craft editors, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer.

Stand: 7.D21

Transport stream compliance system
Cobalt Digital SpotCheck

Designed to offer a no-guesswork solution for video and audio compliance; provides ATSC A85 and EBU R128 monitoring, metering and logging; new features include frozen frame and black frame monitoring, as well as silent audio detection.

Stand: 10.B44

IP encoder/transcoder

Enables multiple HD/SD IP streaming resolutions and formats, H.264 codec encoding and MPEG-2 transcoding sessions from up to two SDI inputs; features integrated HLS, MPEG-TS and Flash streaming support to connect with key CDN providers; provides complete live multiscreen delivery system for WebTV, OTT and IPTV applications.

Stand: 8.C51

Alan Dick Broadcast UHF Broadband antenna

Available for both VPOL and CPOL polarization for UHF Bands IV and V;, designed as low to medium power systems, with a special focus on rooftop deployment; vertically or circularly polarized system enclosed by a full cylindrical radome for environmental protection and minimal urban visual impact; allows multiple UHF channels to be transmitted at the same time; rugged marine brass and aluminum construction guarantees long life; ideal for DVB-T2 [ISDB-T or ATSC digital TV application] channels.

Stand: 8.B99

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STB software
Espial STB Client

Based on RDK, HTML5 and WebKit; offers operators an easy cloud-based system to achieve new levels of service innovation, deliver a highly personalized solution and embrace new business models.

Stand: 5.B10

Video service monitoring
Mariner xVu for Multiscreen

Monitors the user experience throughout the entire TV delivery chain and across a wide range of devices — such as tablets, smart phones, PCs, Macs, smart TVs, set-top boxes and mobile gaming devices — and networks, including broadband, wireless, and Wi-Fi, significantly reducing operational costs for multiscreen TV; features an easy-to-use interface that lets operators view subscribers’ service performance to identify and isolate service issues quickly.

Stand: 14.530

Newscast automation software
Mosart Newscast Automation 3.4

Allows users to assign more advanced content sequences to shortcuts or to send such content directly to the studio walls; also features enhanced drivers for CasperCG and Orad graphics, as well as Studer audio (now using EmBER); the automation system in the updated software now supports an unlimited number of video server channels; newsroom enhancements include support for Mosart commands in foreign MOS items and the ability to select the iNEWS interface as FTP or MOS.

Stand: 5.C28

Media asset and workflow

Latest version of the company’s MAM platform allows users to manage all processes with within the global production environment — from editing through post and distribution — through simple, easy-to-manage workflows and task automation, and accessed through one unique and straightforward interface; gives operators the ability to connect all of their partners and vendors within a single production ecosystem, simplifying the sharing and managing of media assets.

Stand 1.A29

4K capture cardBlackmagic Design
DeckLink 4K Extreme

Full Ultra HD 4K capture and playback using 6G-SDI and HDMI 4K support; includes single- and dual-channel SDI connections for both regular 2-D and 3-D stereoscopic workflows, as well as full resolution color RGB 4:4:4 capture and playback; includes dual-link 6G-SDI, HDMI 3-D/4K and analog component, composite, S-video connections; works in SD, HD and Ultra HD 4K; includes AES and analog balanced audio, 16-channel SDI audio, genlock, deck control, broadcast-quality up/down/crossconversion, plus built-in SD/HD internal keyer.

Stand: 7.H20

Video quality robot
Witbe S4402

Able to replicate end-user actions on any viewing devices, such as set-top boxes, smart phones, tablets, game consoles, connected TVs and PC/Mac clients; deployed by service providers, content owners and device manufacturers to automate testing of new services, new apps or new devices before launch and monitor the quality of live and on-demand video services delivered to any type of fixed and mobile terminal; new carrier-grade, rackable unit is designed for deployment in data centers and test labs.

Stand: 4.C74

Connected workflows
Quantel QTube

Technology connects different geographies and different systems together; Enterprise sQ, QTube and revolutionQ combine to give broadcasters a global production ecosystem, enabling them to make compelling content more quickly, easily and efficiently.

Stand: 7.A20

Video transport chassis
Artel Video Systems DL4360x DigiLink

Integrates a set of solutions for contribution video transport with video and Ethernet routing and switching; low-power, compact, 3RU chassis features 12-function module slots with a 60 x 60 non-blocking video and Ethernet switch; this design eliminates external cross connects while keeping video or Ethernet signals in native format; chassis monitoring and management is made simple via external status LEDs, a feature-rich HTTP interface and
SNMPv2 capabilities.

Stand: 2.A20

Universal video cards
Riedel Communications MN-C-OPT-HDMI, MN-HDO-4IO

Support a variety of small form-factor pluggable optical transceivers; enable the flexible configuration of MediorNet systems for bi-directional transport of analog composite video, HDMI, DVI and optical or coaxial SDI signals; depending on the SFP transceivers installed, each card can provide a combination of either four HD (1.5G) or two 1080p (3G) bi-directional video signals or analog video, HDMI, DVI or optical SDI video I/O.

Stand: 10.A31

Production interface
Blue Lucy Media Miura ProductionWeb

Provides global access to the company’s media management and video processing tools; enables all production workflow management operations — from ingest through sub-clipping (partial restore) and fulfillment — to be managed through a highly customizable operational interface from anywhere with Internet access; allows private or public production clouds to be created, enabling secure decentralized operations.

Stand: 7.J40

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Media asset management system
Media Power Arkki

Allows users to store, catalog, retrieve and manage content; its search engine features a rough-cut and sub-clip generation facility that enables users to find content in seconds; designed to be easy to manage, with workspace customization and system utilization monitoring; accessible via a Web interface.

Stand: 7.J42

Color correction tool
SMPTE CamBook 3

Allows engineers to align and set up cameras to REC 709, compare/match camera makes and models, and test lenses for colorimetry and resolution; serves as a useful reference in production — both on set and in post for color correction of images; features a number of popular DSC test elements, including the CamAlign colorbar/grayscale with a patented “SpectroGray” spectrophotometrically neutral grayscale, a 12-chip colorbar with four standard skin tones, resolution trumpets, and both 16:9 and 4:3 framing lines.

Stand: 8.F51f

UHDTV playout system
Thomson Video Networks Ultra HD playout system

Emerging HEVC compression standard will pave the way for broadcasting in the upcoming Ultra HD picture format; new HEVC playout system, powered by the company’s own HEVC technology, enables broadcasters to trial and demonstrate Ultra HD content on
their networks.

Stand: 14.A10

Master sync generator
DK-Technologies PT5300

In master sync applications, new LTC fallback function allows the PT5300 to align with the internal high precision clock, a feature that is important to users working in situations where GPS coverage is patchy or inadequate; in slave sync applications, the LTC engine enables the PT5300 to genlock to VITC time-code derived from the black-burst input.

Stand: 8.B60

Schedule creation and management
PlayBox Technology ScheduleBox

Web-based client/server solution for creating and managing advanced schedules; operating within a web browser, the GUI handles template-based TV broadcast planning, offering straightforward management of single or multiple TV channels; program schedules with daily, weekly or monthly views, and program block management per TV channel, are available; gaps and overlaps are easily identified in the program blocks.

Stand: 8.C30

OB signal transport platform
Bluebell PW140

Designed for OB and infrastructure applications; offers universal SDI signal transport over fiber in a compact 1RU frame; features a processor that provides simultaneous multiplexing and de-multiplexing of the signals presented to it from the I/O cards; initial base configuration provides 6 x bidirectional HD-SDI signals over two fibers or 10G Ethernet; when used with CWDM optical multiplexing, 96 x HD-SDI signals can be transported over a single fiber.

Stand: 10.F24

Weather visualization system
MeteoGraphics WeatherPresenter

New function is Webview for broadcasting full-screen website content; allows broadcasters to integrate live news from the online world and draw viewers to their online offering; with the new social media integration, broadcasters can interact directly with viewers and reach new audiences; the day’s story can be illustrated and personalized by integrating user-generated videos or images and hyperlocal weather observations.

Stand: 2.C48

Rohde & Schwarz R&S AVG050

Features an integrated satellite receiver; includes a DVB-S/DVB-S2 demodulator than can receive and decrypt incoming transport streams from a satellite.

Stand: 7.E25

Live production switcher
Snell Kahuna 360

Features exclusive FormatFusion3 technology that supports a mix of SD, HD, 1080p and 4K; features a new set of control panels that provide a flexible, quick and reliable access control interface for all types of television programming; new panels offer OLED buttons with user-assignable thumbnails, a touch screen at the M/E level rather on the separate GUI for quick navigation, and the ability to assign RGB values to buttons for clear, confident operation.

Stand: 8.B70

XDCAM camcorder
Sony PMW-300

Semi-shoulder-mount camcorder combines the benefits of 1/2-type Exmor Full HD 3CMOS sensor technology with 50Mb/s HD recording at MPEG HD422; includes Sony’s advanced signal processing technology to suppress noise effectively and create noticeably clearer images; high bit rate ensures excellent capture of fast-moving objects.

Stand: 12.A10

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Production server

Updated server offers greater flexibility and advanced HD workflow operations, along with instant delivery of multicam footage to second screens and live slow motion in Ultra HD; has been designed to continuously record live feeds from two 4K cameras, while generating instant replays and highlights; supports up to three 4K channels on each server — either two records and one replay or one record and two replays.

Stand: 8.B90

Broadcast workflow management
Primestream FORK Xchange Suite 2.5

Gives broadcasters instant cloud access to content on their FORK Production servers from any Windows, Mac or tablet device; is an add-on to the FORK software platform; introduces the Xchange Shot List Editor add-on module, which gives editors a fast and nimble way to edit content living inside the FORK environment via a proxy with Xchange for Web and iOS.

Stand: 7.D21

DTV audio processor
Linear Acoustic AERO.100

Supports AEROMAX loudness control, UPMAX II upmixing/downmixing, Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby E decoding, Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding, ITU (AI) limiter, video delay and Linear Acoustic Intelligent Dynamics (ID) hybrid metadata processing; processes 10 channels (5.1+2+2) via AES and HD/SD-SDI I/O; control and monitoring via comprehensive TCP/IP remote, and access to loudness logging data from ITU-R BS.1770-3 meters via http server, all in a 1RU package; non-coding version available.

Stand: 8.D30

Audio monitor
Wohler AMP1-MADIe

In-rack portable MADI monitor unit with Ethernet control and configuration, including compatibility with the Evertz MAGNUM facility control system; ideal for sports production and other live broadcasts; can be connected in series with a 56- or 64-channel MADI stream to provide audible monitoring and metering of any eight selected MADI channels at once.

Stand: 10.B10

Fiber-optic KVM extenders
Matrox Graphics Avio F125

Separate dual HD video, USB keyboard and mouse, stereo analog audio, and USB 2.0 devices from a production or post-production workstation; transmitter/receiver pair extends two single-link DVI (2 x 1920 x 1200) or one dual-link DVI (2560 x 1600 or 4096 x 2160) video, and multiple high-speed USB 2.0-compliant devices from the host computer by up to 400m over multimode cable 4km over single-mode cable; transmits all signals with zero compression and zero latency over one duplex LC-LC fiber-optic cable.

Stand: B.729

Integrated playout platform
Miranda iTX

New enhancements include version 1.1 of iTX Render Service for Adobe After Effects CS6 software; automates and manages fully rendered After Effects graphics, making them ready for immediate playout from either the iTX platform or Miranda Vertigo Suite of graphics automation and asset management tools.

Stand: 8.D41

ENG-style camcorder
Panasonic PX5000G

Gives user a choice of recording — AVC-LongG50 (10-bit, 4:2:2) and AVC-LongG25 (4:2:2, 10-bit), as well as AVC--Intra100/50, with optional recording in DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV — in the same body; three 2/3in, 2.2M 3-MOS sensors facilitate 720p and 1080p/i recording.

Stands: 9.C45, 9.D40

Note: Stand numbers are provide by IBC and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.