The St. Louis Rams choose the Quantum5X PlayerMic®

London, Ontario - September 20, 2010 - Quantum5X Systems Inc., the manufacturer of the world’s smallest broadcast quality wireless microphone systems, announced today that the NFL’s St. Louis Rams have chosen the QT-1000 PlayerMic® to capture the sounds of the game during this year’s NFL season. This decision was made after extensive testing during the pre-season training camp. “Testing went great with the new QT-1000 PlayerMic®. I wired up one player at each practice and the PlayerMics® worked flawlessly”, says Chris Slepokura, Video Producer for the St. Louis Rams. With rounded corners, an internal antenna, a thick thickness of less than 1/3”, and a weight of less than 1.5oz, the PlayerMic® is easy to position and safely attach to padding under a player’s jersey.

The QT-1000 PlayerMic® is the world’s only broadcast quality wireless microphone that is encased in molded rubber, making it safe, durable, flexible, and totally sweat-proof. "Our design team is very proud of the miniaturization and packaging innovation embodied in the QT-1000 PlayerMic®", says Paul Johnson, CEO of Quantum5X, "We are delighted that the St. Louis Rams have chosen our products to enhance the fan experience of their broadcasts." Quantum5X has a long history of providing PlayerMics® and RefMics® to Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association.

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Quantum5X Systems Inc. (Q5X®) is an award-winning London, Ontario, Canada corporation that specializes in the creation of leading edge, wireless audio solutions for the broadcast, sports and entertainment sectors. Breakthrough products include the QT-256® the world's smallest wireless microphone, the QT-1000 PlayerMic® the world's only rubber, wireless microphone, and the QT-5000™, the world’s first RF remote controlled wireless microphone system. Q5X® clients include ESPN, FOX, Comcast, Turner, Disney, TSN, CTV, CBC, ABC and CBS, as well as MLB, the NHL and the NBA.

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