Internap Expands CDN Service Options for Mobile Content Delivery

According to data released yesterday from Bytemobile, a company that provides gear that helps mobile operators optimize their networks, carriers are seeing users spend more time watching video on larger-screened devices, such as tablets, and thus are moving up to higher resolution content.

In response to user demand for this high-resolution, live and on-demand content, this morning, Internap announced it has expanded its CDN service options to simplify delivery of live and on-demand content to a wide selection of mobile tablets, phones and other devices, while still offering a fast download and premium user experience.

With a new in-stream transmuxing feature provided by Concurrent, Internap customers across a range of industries—including broadcast, media and entertainment—can create and send a single video stream or asset, and have it appear in the correct format across myriad of end-user devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Android-powered devices, as well as those that support Microsoft Silverlight, saving time, cost and effort of formatting content. Additionally, ABR HTTP Streaming capabilities ensure high-quality video playback, regardless of the end-users location, device, or the type of content they are streaming; and Internap's Accelerated IP (XIP™) service ensures lightning-fast delivery and minimal jitter.

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