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Workflow Solutions

Half way through now and I have seen more "workflow solutions" than I though possible. I do wish the marketing folks didn't run a controlled vocabulary, a bit of variety would be great. In the next print issue I'm running a feature on workflows so I have no shortage of raw content to work with.

The new cameras from Sony and Panasonic look great, something for everyone from the digital cinematographer (F35, new 2700 and 3700 Varicams) right down to the budget shooter. Panasonic were showing prototypes of new AVCHD camcorders with long-GOP AVC recorded to SD cards. Sony had similar cameras recording HDV to CF cards. Although these are aimed at very much at the wedding and event videographer, you can bet they will appeal for many broadcast applications like documentary productions.

In the mid-range P2 and XDCAM SxS models confirm that solid state memory is a great way to lower costs and speed acquisition. For anything that needs a fast turnaround cutting out tape ingest to the NLE save valuable minutes. For the owner looking to save costs, opearting without tape decks is a winner.

At the other end of the content food chain, Thomson showed me some ideas for the digital home. Using a cordless phone you can not only view SMS on the TV, watch PC video files on the TV and network content around all the media players in the home, but you can also run the home automation from the cordless phone. I did spot one drawback; you still have to get out of the couch when the pizza guy rings the doorbell.

Watch a video on Panasonic’s 2700 and 3700 Varicams on Broadcast Engineering TV.

Update: The Panasonic VariCam 2700/3700 and the Sony EX3 won Pick Hit awards!