NVISION Extends 2008 Advanced Technology Roadshows

Learn Migration Strategies for February 17 Analog to Digital Broadcast Transition

Grass Valley, CA - April 24, 2008 - With the FCC deadline of February 17, 2009 looming for the analog to digital transition for television broadcast, NVISION is taking its HD-ready, advanced router, router control, master control, and modular signal processing systems on the road to broadcasters nationwide, from May 6 through June 19. NVISION is adding an additional five cities to its 2008 Advanced Technology Roadshow schedule of 15 cities in Q1. Broadcasters will experience hands-on demonstrations and learn how to migrate from analog to digital broadcasting in a cohesive, highly scaleable, and cost-effective manner.

The upcoming NVISION 2008 Advanced Technology Roadshows will be in Phoenix, Detroit, Raleigh/Durham, Philadelphia, and Dallas. To learn more about the locations, dates and to schedule a demonstration, see www.nvision.tv/roadshow2008.

New Systems Launched at NAB 08 Now Available

At the technology roadshows, broadcasters will learn more about NVISION‘s new product lines that will streamline their analog to digital transition. NVISION launched several new systems at NAB 08 that offer the highest levels of system performance, scaleability, reliability, and cost-effective implementation.

• NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router: First in a new generation of high-density, large-matrix, digital multi-format routers built on an all-new scaleable router platform that supports a range of matrices from 144x144 to 1152x1152. The NV8576 features 3Gb/s routing, patented N-on-1 redundant crosspoint protection, superior signal integrity over coaxial cable or optical fiber, and a 576 x 1152 matrix in a single 32RU frame that‘s easily expanded to 1152 x 1152 in the field by adding a second frame. Proven linear expansion technology provides matrix sizes in two 32 RU frames that previously required at least four router chassis and completely removes the need for external secondary switches or distribution amplifiers.

• NV5100MC Multi-Channel Master Control: Built on an all-new modular architecture for adding features and functionality as needs grow, increased audio and video processing, field programmable processors for SD or HD, choice of four control surfaces, and full-function video preview including effects.

• NV9000 Router System Control: Its foundation is a new purpose-built system controller, developed and manufactured by NVISION to provide the industry‘s highest level of functionality, performance, and reliability. Controls up to 250 routers, 400 control panels, and up to 250 physical and 512 virtual levels. Combine two NV9000 system controllers to build a fully redundant control system. Standard features include redundant power supplies, solid state hard drive, six Network Control Points, and the NV9000-SE configuration utility, a simplified, intuitive, and powerful user interface.

• Multi-viewer image display options include NVISION-developed software for tight integration with NVISION routers to give customers streamlined set-up and reliable operation. NVISION and Miranda Technologies have collaborated to offer the largest ever, high-quality multi-image/routing system, which includes Miranda‘s Kaleido-X multi-viewer and NVISION‘s new NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router with embedded 3Gig capability. The system can be expanded to provide up to 1152 HD/SD video inputs and 128 multi-image display outputs, each with 16 video channels, for an integrated 1024 image multi-viewer, multi-display capability. The NVISION Synapse GQW200 card, a 3Gb/s, HD, SD-SDI quad-split to QWXGA converter, forms the building blocks of the Synapse Modular MultiViewer. With inputs from 4 up to 40 channels, the Synapse Modular Multi-Viewer is an ideal, cost-effective image display for small and mid-size broadcasters, video truck applications, and especially live environments due to its low latency.

“With less than a year remaining before over-the-air analog transmissions cease, all broadcasters need to immediately consider upgrading their station‘s infrastructure to prepare for an all digital future. The sooner they upgrade their facilities, the sooner they can take advantage of the digital and HD technologies for revenue growth,” said Chuck Meyer, president and CEO at NVISION. “And with many broadcasters facing time and budget constraints, taking the latest technologies directly to the end users is of great value to them.”

To learn more about the broadcast system requirements for the transition from analog to digital, including HD, see whitepapers at www.nvision.tv

About NVISION: Moving Pictures and Sound Around, Perfectly

NVISION is the leading provider of advanced technology and systems for the production and delivery of superior, error-free digital audio and HD/SD video used in all TV broadcast sectors and multi-format post production. The company‘s sole focus is the development and manufacture of high-performance, high-reliability, scaleable, and cost-effective router, router control, master control, and modular broadcast systems. Since its founding in 1989, NVISION has pioneered groundbreaking technological advances, including large-scale HD-SDI routing and synchronous AES routing - first in HD; first in 3Gb/s-enabled routers. For more information, please visit www.nvision.tv