Comcast Apologizes After Hassling Hurricane Ike Victims

A hurricane that soaks all of a cable subscriber’s worldly belongings initially wasn’t a good enough excuse for Comcast.

According to a report in the GalvestonCounty (Texas) Daily News, Comcast is now apologizing for sending a collection agency after 81 local viewers who had cancelled service after Hurricane Ike hit the coastal island Feb. 13, but who never returned their set-top boxes. Some of the letters demanded payments of $600, according to the newspaper.

Comcast apologized publicly for the misfire, but at least one customer told the paper that he’s still hasn’t settled the matter and that Comcast operators put him on endless hold untikl he hangs up.

“It’s just unbelievable. Most of all the other companies—the phone company, electric—are deferring payments, everyone is helping you,” the viewer told the paper. “But this is worse than price gouging, this is criminal.”