SMPTE Requests Information on Lip Sync Errors

February 16, 2005
Anyone who has read my "Technology Corner" column in TV Technology is aware that the topic of audio-video synchronization and lip sync has been dealt with there more than once. As the world of television production, post production, distribution, and broadcast has become increasingly digitized, the differential audio and video processing and throughput delays characteristic of digital video and audio systems have multiplied the potential for audio-video synchronization errors to develop and worsen as the signals propagate through the system.

In order to address the lip sync issue, the SMPTE Committee on Television Systems Technology, S22, has formed an Ad Hoc Group on Lip Sync Issues. Its charter is to review all aspects of this problem and to recommend solutions. To this end, the ad hoc group is requesting information from interested companies and individuals. It is specifically requesting information relating to the following areas (quoted from the SMPTE RFI):

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