Push-to-Talk Satellite Mutual Aid Radio Talk Group (SMART)

August 9, 2007
Mobile Satellite Ventures has announced the launch of SMART, a Satellite Mutual Aid Radio Talk group using its nationwide push-to-talk satellite network. SMART allows law enforcement and public safety officials authorized by the Department of Justice to participate in a nationwide two-way satellite radio talk group. MSV said it was making this talk group available without additional cost to MSV’s public safety customers. MSV is one of two companies building a hybrid satellite-terrestrial communications network using some of the frequencies previously allocated for broadcast auxiliary service 2 GHz links and TV remote pickup (ENG) operations.

Larry Haughey, MSV Satellite Services group vice president for the government sector explained, "Reliable communications are critical during natural or man-made disasters, when wireline and terrestrial wireless systems might be inoperable. SMART will serve as an important tool to supplement existing interoperable communications for law enforcement and public safety users at all levels of government. All public safety related agencies with active accounts on the MSV network are eligible and encouraged to add this talk group to their service. This agreement with the DOJ takes on added importance in light of the Federal Communications Commission’s recent order which requires the provision of at least one satellite-enabled device as part of the nationwide public safety broadband network in the 700MHz band.”

MSV plans to launch two satellites, MSAT-1 and MSAT-2, for coverage of the United States and Canada. MSV said the satellites are "expected to be among the largest and most powerful commercial satellites ever built." More information is available at www.msvlp.com.

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