New DTV Antennas Hit the Market

January 12, 2005
With the market being flooded by new TV technologies, new over the air DTV antennas were introduced at CES2005.

Philips Electronics unveiled its new Silver Sensor antenna line. The PHDTV3 features a narrow angle of signal acceptance and a low noise amplifier with adjustable gain up to 10 dB to maintain a carrier-to-noise ratio necessary for digital reception. Although it is designed for UHF reception, the PHDTV3 also works for VHF DTV and also analog. The antenna has the same basic footprint as the Silver Sensor Classic and will be available in April.

Also introduced at CES was the Winegard SharpShooter, an all-band indoor/outdoor, directional/bi-directional antenna system. The 26.75-inch SharpShooter is designed for DTV and HDTV transmissions from reflected signals up to 30 miles from the source and up to 45 miles outdoors. Geared toward city-dwellers, the antenna incorporates the Dotcast E Field ultra-low noise amplifier and the Winegard Scatter Plane technology that alleviates digital multi-path issues.

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