FCC, NIMA to Exchange Tower Location Data

November 3, 2003
The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) has agreed to give the FCC access to NIMA's Digital Vertical Obstruction File (DVOF). The commission said it will use the NIMA information to improve the accuracy of its Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) database and to monitor ASR compliance. The FCC News Release, FCC and National Imagery and Mapping Agency Sign Inter-Agency MOU for Quarterly Sharing of Databases on Tower Locations said the commission may use the DVOF "to populate a proposed database of tower sites or possible tower sites to assist its licensees in collocating their facilities."

NIMA, in turn, will have access to the FCC's ASR. NIMA is a national intelligence and combat support agency whose mission is to provide Geospatial Intelligence in support of the national security of the U.S. According to the FCC news release, "The MOU will assist NIMA in accomplishing its mission of providing timely, relevant, and accurate imagery and imagery information to national, military, and civilian customers in support of national security objectives. The information exchange will provide an additional resource to assess the currency and accuracy of the DVOF database, which is subject to constant change."

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