Dems Cry Foul Over 'Voluminous' Media Ownership Studies

August 3, 2007
Democratic Commissioners Copps and Adelstein said 60 days is not long enough to review the voluminous media ownership studies released this week, and characterized the deadline as "this bucket of ice water."

In a joint statement, Copps and Adelstein said : "This is unfair, unnecessary and ultimately unwise--inviting public, congressional and judicial outrage reminiscent of what happened when the FCC tried to loosen media ownership rules four years ago."

The recent action does not inspire confidence the agency is serious about getting the issue right this time, they said.

"While some are complaining about inaction on this item, it is worth noting that it has been before the commissioners and awaiting their vote since October of last year," a commission spokeswoman said in response.

(Radio World)

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