Telecast Brings the CopperHead Pro Transceiver System to IBC

August 2, 2011
Telecast Fiber Systems Inc. heads to IBC to introduce the CopperHead Pro, its latest camera-mountable fiber-optic transceiver system, now shipping with a new analog return video path. The return video path can be used for return “program video” or for a genlock signal. The CopperHead Pro now features all the signal paths needed for live, big-screen image magnification (I-MAG) applications in houses of worship, music venues, and corporate events and can now be used in multicamera, studio-style applications. The signals transported by the system include the camera’s pristine, uncompressed HD/SDI signal, along with the new analog return path, as well as camera control and intercom.

Telecast will also unveil the TR6442i “CommLink,” a fiber-optic transceiver system designed to carry two intercom channels over a single strand of fiber across distances of more than 40 km. Ideal for outside broadcasting (OB), the CommLink features auto-nulling hybrid technology, making it easy to interface with industry-standard party-line and matrix-style intercom systems. When in two-wire mode, the CommLink will extend two channels of a Clear-Com party-line system or an RTS two-wire intercom system. In four-wire mode, the system creates a fiber optic connection from a matrix frame to two remote matrix stations, using either Clear-Com Matrix Plus or RTS ADAM (Advanced Digital Audio Matrix), Cronus, or Zeus systems.

Also new, the Telecast Fiber Systems Cobra II permits extension of the industry's new digital triax-based camera chains using simple, inexpensive fiber optic cable. The Cobra II system extends Sony’s new high-definition triax camera chains to enable their use over durable, lightweight tactical fiber or within an installed fiber optic infrastructure.

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