Video Division issues guidelines for resolving interference

The Video Division of the FCC Media Bureau notified 30 licensees earlier this month that their proposed digital operation on their elected channel would result in impermissible interference or that the proposed facility didn’t comply with the requirements for parties to a Negotiated Channel Agreement (NCA).

The licensees have until April 3 to file a Second Round Conflict Decision Form 385 to indicate how they will resolve the interference conflict.

Licensees proposing to reduce technical operating facilities for their proposed elected channel must attach Schedule B to FCC Form 385 to specify their proposed technical parameters.

Those proposing to increase their technical operating facilities to serve larger coverage areas as part of an NCA must amend their proposals, no later than March 3, so that their proposed coverage contour does not extend beyond the coverage contour of their currently certified facilities.

Licensees who are unable to resolve their interference or coverage problems on their elected channel must decide whether to request a contingent channel as their tentative channel designation or to participate in the Third Round.

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