Toyota takes MediaFLO for a test drive

Last month, Toyota took MediaFLO for a test drive in Southern California, the mobile TV platform's first in-vehicle test. The results prove the technology has uses beyond the mobile handset, but the Toyota and QUALCOMM have made no announcement of its availability for in-vehicle entertainment systems.

QUALCOMM conducted the first MediaFLO drive test of its broadcast mobile TV platform in collaboration with Toyota. Powered by the MediaFLO broadcast mobile TV platform, which enables mobile TV for U.S. subscribers, live televised programming was transmitted to a vehicle equipped with a MediaFLO phone connected to in-car video displays. The drive test, conducted successfully throughout San Diego County, demonstrated the MediaFLO platform's ability to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted video transmissions in real-world driving conditions.

“We are very pleased to further demonstrate how the MediaFLO platform supports diverse broadcast mobile TV services in a host of solutions beyond mobile handsets,” said Neville Meijers, senior VP and general manager of QUALCOMM MediaFLO technologies.

QUALCOMM is clearly looking for as many partners as it can for distribution of its MediaFLO services, so it makes sense that it is targeting the automotive industry as another potential distribution point. Nonetheless, we still await the word as to when this service will be on tap to that market.

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