PWS delivers seamless wireless for NBA All-Star Game

Professional Wireless Systems (PWS), specialists in supplying and the design and deployment of wireless systems for live and broadcast events, was again on call at the recent NBA All-Star Game, providing overall frequency coordination at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL.

In addition to deploying the company's new Domed Helical Antenna, the Masque Sound subsidiary supplied all player microphones and provided frequency coordination for the NBA's JAM session and other events surrounding the star-studded event. This marks the company’s sixth year working the NBA All-Star Game.

The NBA All-Star Game encompasses a wide range of events leading up to the actual game, and PWS was hired to ensure interference-free operations throughout, including all microphones and communication systems. Prior to the event, PWS worked with key media outlets to ensure they had a detailed understanding of the equipment they would be using. PWS then worked in conjunction with the local Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) coordinator for central Florida to make sure all wireless users operated without any interference. To ensure problem-free pickup, the new PWS Domed Helical Antenna was deployed as a key part of the system design.

“When dealing with over 600 frequencies, preparation, experience and knowledge of your surroundings is crucial,” said Brooks Schroeder, RF Tech & project manager for PWS. “Since we were initially contracted by the Amway Center to recommend and coordinate frequencies for all of its permanently installed wireless equipment, we have an in-depth knowledge of what is already inside the building. This gives us a distinct advantage when trying to coordinate frequencies for an event of this magnitude.”

One interesting aspect of the NBA All-Star festivities is having the players miked up, adding fan-friendly realism to the festivities. PWS supplied specialty player microphones, from Quantum5X to meet this requirement. Quantum5X QT-5000 Remote Mic Systems were selected for their ability to be sewn into the jerseys of the players, allowing broadcasters to take live feeds during the game and giving the league footage for NBA films productions. The rechargeable, flexible, water- and sweat-resistant bodypack will not injure the wearer even if he falls on it or takes a direct hit.

"It's always a big challenge when working an event of this size and scope," noted Brooks Schroeder. "Thanks to the hard work and preparation of our expert technicians for events like the NBA All-Star Game and Super Bowl entertainment segments, we are able to provide interference-free coverage to outlets worldwide."