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Golf Channel’s new camera robotics improve efficiency

For golf enthusiasts, keeping up with the sport is now easier thanks to new programming and content made possible by the new studio at the Golf Channel. Producing and directing is also easier thanks to robotic camera control systems from Telemetrics.

According to Golf Channel senior director Ken Botelho, robotic camera control systems “enable us to deliver industry-leading programming for a fraction of the cost of traditionally produced content.” Since installing Telemetrics robotics in its newsroom, Golf Channel has “seen greater efficiencies in our productions and more creativity on the set,” he adds.

The Golf Channel newsroom features a live breaking news anchor desk, four dedicated sets, including a main anchor desk, an interview area, a product demonstration area and a news update desk.

A specially configured system combining a 10ft ceiling-mounted Telemetrics TeleGlide track, an extended/collapsible EP5 Televator and a PT-LP-S4 pan/tilt unit minimizes space requirements while allowing an operator to pan the camera smoothly across the anchor desk.

The PT-LP-S4 pan/tilt units also control two studio cameras that are used d for the interview and product demonstration areas, while a Telemetrics HDSC-1 multipurpose HD camera offers an additional camera position.

The Telemetrics pan/tilt fiber system ties together control of the four cameras, lenses and pan/tilt functionality with a single language to create a more efficient and effective production environment. From the control room, a single operator controls studio operations over an Ethernet connection using the Telemetrics CPS-ST-S studio control system and CP-D3A desktop control panel. The system employs a GUI for remote camera control and hardware interface. Joystick trim control of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris and master pedestal is done via the Telemetrics CP-D3A Desktop control panel.

For flexibility and convenience, the CPS-ST-S camera system presents users with up to 160 thumbnail picture presets in storyboard mode and up to 8000 presets when organized by camera. Multiple screen layouts facilitate ease of operation and a preset video switcher is available for still image capture and preview functions.