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WUFT Upgrades with Florical

WUFT-TV plans to implement a BXF interface into their existing traffic system, using a standards-based (SMPTE 2021) setup designed by Florical.

The new system will also cover NGIS delivered content, creating a streamlined solution for PBS affiliate WUFT, and other member stations.

“Although the NGIS project has taken longer than everyone expected, when the time comes we know we are in good hands,” stated WUFT Operations Director Tim Brueckner, in a press release. “That, combined with an automation suite with 25+ years of R&D behind it; I believe there isn’t anything they can’t tackle. They are very capable and understand the needs of the PBS market.”

WUFT-TV was created as a branch of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications in 1958 to provide educational programming to the school and other schools in the area. It has grown over the last 50 years, moving to better facilities and acquiring increasingly state-of-the-art equipment. The station has been partners with Florical since their purchase of an AirBoss system in 2001.

“Florical has been a wonderful partner, not just an equipment vendor” said Brueckner. “We engage them with our visions for the station, and they provide a wide array of tools that help us reach our goals.”