Writer Seeks Info on WOR-TV History

Radio World contributor Jim Hawkins is looking for help collecting information on the WOR-TV tower and transmitter site in North Bergen, N.J., a few blocks from his house. Hawkins has found some information on WOR-TV in old magazines, but he hasn't been able to determine when WOR-TV and WOR(FM) were moved to the Empire State Building. After winning a set of Radio and Television News magazines at an auction and finding an article written after the station's move to New York, Hawkins was determined to fill in the holes in the WOR-TV tower's history.

Jim Hawkins is asking for useful information on WOR-TV, including photos, the street address of the facility, its construction timeline and details about a plane striking the tower in 1956. Visit www.jphawkins.com/wor-tv-NBergenNJ.html for the story behind his fascination behind WOR-TV's North Bergen tower, some interesting photos and diagrams of WOR-TV's early facilities at North Bergen and the Empire State building, and details on the information he is seeking.