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Wireless HD transmission to home theater devices advances

Pulse~LINK has introduced a new Gigabit wireless chipset alternative to DVI, MDMI and 1394b cable.

Cable-free HD home theater systems may have taken a big step forward with the announcement that Pulse~LINK will make evaluation kits for its Ultra Wideband (UWB) wireless chipset available in February.

One stumbling block to broader acceptance of home theater solutions, including front screen projectors, is the difficulty homeowners have routing cables through existing walls and ceilings.

The Pulse~LINK UWB wireless communications chipset presents an alternative that could do for consumer electronics what Wi-Fi has done for home computer networking. The new UWB chipset has been demonstrated with 667Mb/s of throughput after forward error correction. The new high-speed chipset architecture is capable of surpassing 1Gb/s, giving consumer electronics manufacturers with DVI, HDMI and 1394b cable replacement opportunities for interconnectivity of wireless streaming of HDTV.

Actual over-the-air data rate is currently 1.3Gb/s per second, with data throughput at 667Mb/s. Over the next 30 to 60 days, Pulse~LINK expects to optimize the chipset bringing throughput to the Gigabit data rate.

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