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WFTV Used Panasonic P2 Cast System During Hurricane Irma

NEWARK, N.J.—While Hurricane Irma was raging and causing serve damage to Florida, Orlando-based ABC affiliate WFTV was able to keep providing critical news to its viewers with the help of Panasonic’s P2 Cast cloud-based news production system.

Courtesy of WFTV

The P2 Cast system works with Panasonic’s P2 HD AVC-ULTRA camcorders, integrating their network capabilities so content uploaded to the cloud is available for reviewing and editing on the web. P2 Cast expedites the delivery of news to air, while also expanding the editing function of any device connected to the internet. The system has the ability to move low bit rate, high-quality proxy video from the field through the cloud to create a video sequence of desired clips and have them be accessible by the newsroom.

WFTV was able to use the P2 Cast system to stay active during the heaviest parts of the storm. Using the system allowed crews to wrap up and protect their equipment from water, which might have happened if cards had to be removed. WFTV also said that P2 Cast served as its primary method of distributing video during the storm’s peak hours because its satellites and microwave dishes were shut down. It also assisted the station with the distribution of content to social media platforms.

According to Dave Sirak, director of news technology at WFTV’s parent company Cox Media Group, WFTV was also able to use the P2 Cast to share footage with its sister station, WSB, in Houston.