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Washington State public affairs network moves to new media center

TVW, Washington State's public affairs network, in February moved into a new 15,000sq ft media center, effectively tripling its square footage.

TVW, a non-profit cable television service, provides unedited coverage of state government deliberations and public policy events. Previously housed in leased office space, TVW moved to a new building with an upgraded digital production and distribution facility designed and installed by Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS).

From its new facility, TVW provides increased Web streaming capability, multiple channel television transmission, VoD service, new methods of signal distribution and nonlinear editing.

ABS designed and implemented TVW's new technical operations center with:

  • 520sq-ft technical center with TV equipment, as well as a streaming media center, IT, fiber network and telephony equipment;
  • 580sq-ft room for production and master control with three separate areas for production and one for master control;
  • Three 165sq-ft rooms on the second floor with nonlinear editing suites;
  • 1850sq-ft studio on the first floor;
  • 200sq-ft audio production room.

ABS worked with TVW to determine the proper location and footprint of the technical center and control room and advised the architect regarding electrical and HVAC loading and design requirements, wire routing, sound abatement, lighting in the control room and specialized treatment for ceilings, walls and floors. ABS also worked with the construction firm and re-purposed existing equipment to avoid impact existing transmission.

Equipment installed at the new TVW Media Center included: Evertz conversion, fiber connectivity products and MVP Multi-Image Display and Monitoring; Grass Valley Concerto Series router; Maestro master control system; Kayak digital production switchers; Omneon Spectrum video servers; and a Sundance Digital Titan automation system.

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