TV Still King in Time Spent With by Consumers, Says GfK

(Image credit: iStock)

NEW YORK—Consumers spend more time watching TV than they do interacting with any other ad-supported media platform. That is one of the key takeaways from the 2020 Media Comparisons Study done by GfK in collaboration with TVB, the local broadcast TV trade association.

The 2020 Media Consumption Study looked at how individuals consume ad-supported media, as well as the platforms’ reach, time spent and role in motivating consumers to learn more about a product or service. The study also looked at where people get their daily news.

Local broadcast TV, both traditional and digital, was the top medium for consumers. Adults 18 and older spent five hours and 17 minutes with TV daily; social media was the next closest with an hour and six minutes, while radio came in at an hour and one minute. It also had the highest reach of those 18 and older, available to 80%, 78% of which is from broadcast; social media, radio and cable were in the mid 50s.

Local broadcast TV was also cited as the most trusted news source, having 75% of respondents 18 and older agreeing. The big four broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) were also highlighted as the four top choices of TV networks, with a cable channel rounding out the top five.

As far as advertising, TV led the way in that as well. It was noted as an influencer in purchase decisions 63% more than social media, three times more than direct mail and search, and seven times more so than radio. Among adults, 54% said TV ads motivated them to do more research, with those numbers increasing in certain categories (i.e. car buyers).

“Competition for consumers’ attention grows by the day, and yet television continues to stand tall as the medium with which people choose to spend most of their available time,” said Steve Lanzano, president and CEO of TVB.

The full 2020 Media Consumption Study is available online.