TV for rail passengers debuts in Atlanta

The multichannel television and radio network for trains includes updated news programming from Atlanta’s WSB-TV
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The Rail Network and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), has unveiled a television and radio network for rail passengers.

The Rail Network is equipping the MARTA rail system with a digital television and radio network capable of providing television programming, with multiple channels of wireless audio, inside subway and commuter rail cars.

Beginning this spring, MARTA rail passengers will be able to watch updated news programming from WSB-TV’s Channel 2 Action News. The television programming will be displayed on five 15in flat screen television displays inside each MARTA rail car and will contain advertising in amounts consistent with the network television’s morning or evening news broadcasts.

The video displays will have closed captioning, and the audio will be available via headset on any personal FM radio, or a cell phone with an FM headset so as not to disturb the other passengers.

Passengers will be able to choose to listen to English or Spanish versions of the television content and three music channels. Passengers will also be able to tune into the MARTA Information Channel, which will provide important operational and service announcements. The Rail Network intends to distribute up to 230,000 FM radios to MARTA rail riders during the initial launch period.

The Rail Network’s service will be provided at no cost to MARTA rail passengers or to MARTA, and it will provide MARTA with an undisclosed revenue stream throughout the 10-year contract.

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