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Tornado Damages Dielectric Tower Plant in Newburgh, Ind.

TV Technology's sister publication Radio World reported damage to the Dielectric Tower (formerly Central Tower) manufacturing plant in Newburgh, Ind. from an F-3 tornado that devastated buildings along its path.

No one was hurt at the Dielectric Tower plant, according to a spokeswoman for the parent company, SPX Corp. The facility was closed Monday, although company officials were on the scene, meeting at a nearby company office to assess their next steps. About 70 people are employed there.

Photos from the scene show several collapsed or damaged structures, walls and ceilings, and wind-swept debris, including a tipped-over truck and an automobile apparently thrown onto a pile of tower sections.

According to its Web site, Dielectric acquired the Central Tower engineering and manufacturing operation in Newburgh in 2001.

The tornado is apparently the same one that caused numerous deaths in southern Indiana and parts of Kentucky early on Sunday.

The Web site has updated information on the tornado and recovery efforts, although it does not mention the Dielectric Tower plant.