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Sony Chief Nixes Michael Jackson in 3D

TOKYO: Neither Michael Jackson’s videos nor the next Spiderman movie will be among Sony’s upcoming 3D releases the company’s top executive said. Wire services quoted Sir Howard Stringer saying that releasing Jackson’s material in HD didn’t make any sense.

“I don’t think it will reveal anything else about Michael Jackson we would want to be see,” Stringer is quoted as saying. Sony produced the film about the late singer’s final performance rehearsals, “Michael Jackson’s This Is It.” It has grossed more than $70 million at the box office in the United States, pre-DVD release.

Stringer is also passing on a 3D Spikey, but a 3D version of the wildly popular sci-fi comedy “Men in Black” is being considered. Other titles in the Sony library may get the 3D treatment, though no other specifics were mentioned in the article that appeared on The

Stringer recently predicted that 3D was going to become a $10 billion business for Sony. The company is rolling out 3D-compatible capture and display technology across its single-lens 3D camera technology was announced in October, a month after a 3D home initiative was announced. A new 3D-capable Bravia LCD TV set from Sony is due to hit the shelves next year.

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