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SiliconDust Acquires Antenna Company

HD Frequency
(Image credit: HD Frequency)

PHOENIX—SiliconDust USA—manufacturer of the world’s first affordable standalone ATSC 3.0 tuner in its HDHomeRun Flex 4K—has announced the acquisition of HD Frequency, a developer of flat TV antennas.

Founded in 2011 in New York, HD Frequency offers three flat TV antennas: the Cable Cutter, Cable Cutter Mini and in 2015, it launched the Cable Cutter Aerowave, which the company says "has outperformed its mid-range competitors by up to 30%."

“We are happy to announce we've acquired HD Frequency,” SiliconDust said in a tweet. “Our two products have gone hand-in-hand for years so it only made sense. We will continue to offer Aerowave antennas to go with our own products for a continued winning combination!”

Last month, SiliconDust made its NextGen TV-enabled HDHomeRun Flex 4K available on Amazon for $200.