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Sigma Electronics to introduce DV5000 series at NAB2004

Sigma Electronics will introduce its latest digital video product line at NAB2004. The new DV5000 series will incorporate many of Sigma’s most recent innovations, including DATC, OctaStream, OctaBus and the S5000 signal management frame.

The high-density frame holds up to 10 modules and allows full, unrestricted access to all modules.

It is completely compatible with NVISION’s NV500 enclosures. The DV5515 frame synchronizer and latency control module will provide the power necessary to solve video and audio signal latency problems encountered in broadcast and post-production environments.

The new DV5505 SDI monitoring DA demonstrates its versatility by combining high-quality digital distribution with D-to-A conversion - allowing analog NTSC/PAL video monitors to be used in serial digital video systems.

The DV5515 is a digital video frame synchronizer that integrates with OctaStream modules via Sigma’s OctaBus. This allows for DATC timing information to be read and compared to realign the timing of HD, SD and AES signals, eliminating lip-sync errors.

For more information visit booth SU11043 or go to:

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