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Shure unveils wireless microphone system that automatically avoids interference

Shure is previewing its new Axient wireless microphone system, which can automatically change frequencies — undetected by the user — to avoid interference.

The Axient wireless system was designed to withstand the interference in the RF spectrum that is the new reality for professional wireless users. It employs several new technologies that work together to deliver interference-free audio in the most critical live broadcast, theater, music and corporate events.

Axient was designed for applications with zero tolerance for failure. It is one of the first wireless microphone systems that can detect interference and avoid it automatically. Today, when unexpected RF interference arises, an engineer is either stuck with dropouts or they can run a backup mic out to the performer. Axient changes that.

The system detects RF interference and moves to a clear and compatible frequency in milliseconds, making even major interference undetectable. It has frequency diversity, which transmits full-bandwidth audio on two separate frequencies to ensure seamless, uninterrupted audio for mission-critical channels, even in the face of direct RF interference.

Its ShowLink remote control enables the user to make real-time remote adjustments from the receiver or a laptop, of transmitter settings like audio gain while the microphone is live. ShowLink remote control extends throughout the transmitter’s RF range.

The Axient Spectrum Manager, which constantly scans the RF environment, performs frequency compatibility calculations to assign clear frequencies to each wireless transmitter. It also continuously monitors, ranks and deploys backup frequencies automatically.

Smart Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery packs have zero memory effect, and deliver accurate battery life metering in hours and minutes, time remaining to full charge and battery health.

Wireless Workbench 6 is a completely new software interface that enables the Axient user to monitor and control the entire system. Wireless Workbench features a redesigned graphical user interface with enhancements that support advancements in performance and networkability that Axient offers.