Scripps Execs Take Pay Cut

(Image credit: E.W. Scripps)

CINCINNATI—E.W. Scripps’ executives are taking pay cuts in an effort to help its employees affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The company has announced that Scripps President and CEO Adam Symson will take a 15% salary reduction. Other named executives will take a 10% pay cut, each. This includes Lisa Knuston, chief financial officer; Brian Lawlor, local media president; Laura Tomlin, executive vice president, national media; Bill Appleton, general counsel; Doug Lyons, senior vice president, controller and treasurer; Carolyn Micheli, corporate communications and investor relations; and Julie McGehee, vice president, benefits and compensation.

In addition, 11 members of Scripps’ board of directors will take a 15% reduction in their annual cash compensation. Board chairman Rich Boehne will forgo the remainder of his 2020 chairman fees.

Scripps will donate an equal amount of the cuts to the Scripps Howard Foundation’s COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund to support its employees.