SBE comments on White House EAS announcement

On June 26, President George W. Bush issued an Executive Order concerning the public alert and warning system in the United States. In the Order, the President noted the importance of having "an effective, reliable, integrated, flexible, and comprehensive system to alert and warn the American people in situations of war, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or other hazards to public safety and well-being (public alert and warning system)." Bush also noted the importance of ensuring that the President can communicate with the American people under all conditions.

In January 2006, the SBE submitted a comprehensive filing to the FCC following the agency's First Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding EAS. The SBE filing outlined specific suggestions and plans to enhance the EAS and integrate it into other forms of public warning systems.

Clay Freinwald, CPBE, vice president of the SBE and chairman of the SBE National EAS Committee, said, "Many of the points that President Bush raises in the Executive Order are specifically addressed in the SBE filing or are an established part of the SBE's EAS goals, including the use of a common alerting protocol. The SBE believes that broadcasters are an important part of a public warning system, and we have actively worked to improve the system and the tools that are available."

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